Donald Sterling’s natal chart




Above is the natal chart of real estate mogul, attorney, and owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Donald Sterling. I’m sure you’ve heard his name by now. I wanted to take a look at his chart because besides being a racist, from research it also appears he is miserly and unscrupulous in business practices.

I just wanted to take a look from an astrological perspective and try to stay away from casting judgment so I’ll stick to the astrology in this instance.

Starting off with his Sun in Taurus, this indicates that he is focused on land, owning property, money, and pleasure in life. Taurus is considered “pre-moral” as a personal sign. So gluttony and greed may result without consideration to others feelings or points of view in a situation. With Mars in Taurus conjunct his Sun he is very focused on working towards Taurus things such as money, real estate, and sensual pleasure. Mars in Taurus (detriment) actually indicates a weakness for women.

It’s been reported that he underpaid his General Manager Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor significantly over the course of his 22 year tenure on the Clippers as GM. Also underpaid various other employees which sued him. All Taurus related issues (Money). Also I believe that because of his depression era upbringing he is more miserly because people from that era never knew when they would eat again. So they became very cagey and Sterling grew up amidst that.

Sterling owns real estate which includes residential.  Sterling’s wife actually posed as a government agent to check on the race of tenants. So it appears this Taurus is very narrow minded in view.

Because Taurus is a personal sign and a Venus sign appearances mean a lot. Taurus is also a possessive energy so the fact that it seems he couldn’t control his mistress or his wife for that matter seemed to make him very upset if the tape is any indicator.


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