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I’ve heard a lot of complaints by women about men being emotionally detached. As men we are supposed to be the stronger and more emotionally grounded sex.  There are also many emotionally detached women out there as well. What all of these people are missing, is that  there are many ways different people process emotions depending on their astrological make up. The people who are “emotionally detached” are really people who process emotions in a way the accuser doesn’t understand. On the flip side, the “emotionally detached” person can’t understand what the big deal is about. While there are genuine cases of course, of emotional detachment due to trauma and other life experiences. I would assert that its a simple element or aspect incompatibility in the natal and synastry chart. I will give examples of some emotionally detached aspects and planet placements.

Moon in air signs – It must be understood that air is an objective  and rational element. Raw emotion is strange and confusing to these individuals and they will be uncomfortable  with expressive emotions.

Moon in Capricorn- Moon in Capricorn is in detriment, and has trouble letting emotions go freely.

Moon aspecting Saturn–  Saturn being the planet of structure, order, and restriction is a natural enemy of the moon which needs to be free to express itself.

Moon aspecting Pluto – Controlling emotions  is very important and emotions are deep and intense but not demonstrative.

Venus in air– too much emotional probing and analyzing is uncomfortable  for these natives.  Possessiveness is not an attribute that is looked upon positively by these natives.

Venus aspecting  Saturn– Demonstrative love is not a real hallmark with these aspects so significant others will find these peoples coolness a bit too cold. Saturn is an enemy of Venus.

Venus in Capricorn– Again,  Saturn is an enemy of Venus.

Venus aspecting Pluto- Expression is controlled  but the intensity is present because the upper hand must be kept.

These are a few of my findings. If you are having any of these specific issues I can be contacted and this can be explored to see if it is in your natal or synastry.

Any other findings? Please do add- on and if you so choose , explain your findings and thoughts.


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  1. I have Moon conjunct Saturn and Venus conjunct Pluto, and I definitely appear emotionally detached. Most of the time, like you said, I don’t get what the big deal is. People are always going on and on and on about their feelings. Its like everyone is an over emotional knocked up teenager or something.

  2. ” Its like everyone is an over emotional knocked up teenager or something.” Lol  I know what you mean.  The saturn and pluto influences are more “control” of emotions than detachment. That control though indicates appropriate release of emotional tension as opposed to people who are like floods, water is always flowing .

  3. Lizzie, your comment gave me a deep sigh of relief.  I so often feel like the odd man out because of the detachment.

    I have all placements listed with the exception of the Capricorn placements.   I am more detached than controlled.  Most of the time, I just don’t understand and really, honestly, don’t care to.

    As much as I don’t understand, I definitely don’t want to arouse emotions in anyone either… it’s only fair.

  4. Hello, I understand the emotional detachement better.  I as involved with and Aquarius man and the more time I spend with him the better we get along.  Hopw all is well.

  5. I have Moon square Saturn, Moon sextile Pluto, Venus in early Gemini (probably still largely influenced by Taurus as I’m introverted, pragmatic, practical, earthy & sensual type of lover), Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto & Saturn in 7th house plus a strong Saturn heavily influencing almost all of my personal planets, chart ruler, ASC & MC. I don’t see anything wrong with me but a lot of people tell me that I have a stone-cold heart which isn’t true. It’s just that I’m not comfortable expressing my feelings openly but I do express my love & affection through practical means like being there when someone is sick, loyal to the core, doing things for them like washing or sewing their clothes.

    • Also I hate PDAs, socializing, blind dates, romantic movies & stuff or anything idealistic. I find these things crazy & a waste of time probably the reason why I don’t easily find love though when I do, I stick to it. As for those I got involved with, I looked at the chart of my few exes & also of my current partner & it happens that every single one of them has either Capricorn Sun, Moon or Venus. My partner is an Aquarius with Moon & chart ruler in Capricorn.

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