Eyes: The gateway to the soul.The water moon edition.

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The eyes are said to be the gateway to the soul. Since our natal moon sign determines much of our inner life, it should come as little surprise that the eyes are the window that allows another to take a peak inside.

Water moons are the most emotional, intuitive, and sensitive of the moon signs. So the eyes of water moons read the same way, they tend to be larger or smaller than normal, very glassy looking (watery) and round. I’m going to show you celebrity examples of how the moon determines the look of the eyes by moon sign.

Pisces Moon

: Ruled by neptune, Pisces rules dreams, drugs, illusions, deception,spiritual love, sacrifice.

Lawrence Fishburne









Young Robert Deniro





















Other Pisces Moons to research:
Hillary Clinton
Steve Jobs
Michelle OBama
Martin Luther King Jr.
Cindy Crawford
Kim Kardashian
Robin Williams


Cancer Moon

: Cancer is ruled by the moon, so it manifests easiest here. Emotions, empathy, the home, the mother.

Jimi Hendrix










Mos Def










Penelope Cruz










Other Cancer Moons:

Curt Kobain
Halle Berry
Harrison Ford
Sean Penn
Bow Wow
Condoleeza Rice

Scorpio Moon

: In it’s fall in Scorpio, intensity, manipulation, sex, transformation of self are all present under Scorpio moon.

Bob Marley








Jennifer Lopez








Lady Gaga










Other Scorpio Moons:

Eddie Murphy
Orlando Bloom
Bruce Lee
Elizabeth Taylor.

I hope you’ve gained some insight from this visual documentation and if you check out some of the others, please share your observations and insights. Peace

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  1. mmmm  cancer moons just do it for me. they come across so soft and unassuming. when you look in their eyes, so sweet. although, ive never seen a cancer moon get angry. ive only seen the sexual side.

    •  Thanks for the input. Very true, I’m a Cancer Moon native, Ive been told similar about my eyes.  It’s what inspired me to research this topic further.

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