Do you do Skype or phone readings?

I only do reports. Mainly because if I have to do on the spot readings there are details that I will miss. I like to sleep on charts and look at them with fresh eyes. If you like the more interactive style via Skype or phone, I recommend Lauren who offers her services in the shop.

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What do I get when I join Patreon?

The benefits of joining my Patreon are extensive. First off there are two levels. a $1 level and a $3 level. With the $1 per month level  you get access to exclusive articles, the question and answer archive, the Discord initiate chat room and other exclusive chat rooms. So you have the ability to study hundreds and hundreds of questions and answers to assist you in your understanding of astrology. The discord room is for people to assist each other who have at the very least, basic understanding of astrology.

The $3 level gives you all of the access above, plus the advanced chat room, and the ability to ask questions on the astrochologist.com question and answer section. You can upload your chart, others charts, ask specific questions and I answer them thoroughly. Plus a 10% discount code on a reading of your choice.

So you get a lot.

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How can your readings benefit me?

The answer to that is take them for what value you give them. For example I have clients who admittedly just enjoy readings as entertainment. Other people take the information and outlook I give them. Then they follow it, apply it to their lives. I have many many returning clients, so people do find them valuable.

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