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FBI Ten Most Wanted List (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars)

Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars
Victor Manual Gerena Cancer Virgo Cancer Taurus Aries
Glen Stewart Godwin Cancer Libra Cancer Taurus Aries
Osama Bin Laden Pisces Gemini Pisces Pisces Taurus
James J. Bulgar Virgo Virgo Libra Leo Libra
Robert William Fisher Aries Pisces Aries Aries Cancer
Alexis Flores Cancer Scorpio Cancer Virgo Taurus
Jason Derek Brown Cancer Capricorn Gemini Taurus Sagittarius
Jose Luis Saenz  Leo  Gemini  Leo  Virgo  Taurus
 Eduardo Ravelo  Libra  Cancer  Libra  Scorpio  Virgo
 Semion Mogilevich  Cancer  Cancer  Leo  Leo  Virgo


50% are cancer suns.
60% are water suns.
40% are water mercurys and moons
50% are earth venus and mars
60% have fixed venus.
50% have mutable moons.
70% have cardinal suns.
60% cardinal mercurys
40% cardinal mars

the first 2 were born in the same year, within days of each other. most are devoid or have little air.


Victor Manuel Gerena – bank robbery
Glen Stewart Godwin – murder, currently on the run after escaping
Usama bin Laden – murder, religious reasons
James J. Bulger – organized crime
Robert William Fisher – murdered wife and 2 kids, then set house on fire
Alexis Flores – kidnapping, rape, murder of a 5 year old
Jason Derek Brown – murder, robbery
Jose Luis Saenz – murder, kidnapping, rape
Eduardo Ravelo – drugs
Semion Mogilevic – financial crimes



  1. And how did I know that the one Pi moon on the list would have had to commit a VERY personal, but brutal crime??? lol  I couldn’t see a Pi moon assaulting a perfect stranger, but spouses and kids who constantly piss one off might wanna beware. 

    • I doubt whoever wrote this list has Robert William Fisher’s actual birth time, and the moon was in Aries for most of the day he was born, from roughly 5am onwards… I would guess an Aries moon for him. Wish we knew the whole charts! in fact it’s only two people on this list, Eduardo Ravelo who is wanted for drug crimes, and James J Bulgar, who is wanted for organised crime, that were born on days that the moon didn’t shift position. So this is sort of a pointless list as far as moon aspects go, no offence intended of course, still interesting.

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