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Final stretch of Venus in Retrograde

Venus In Retrograde Astrochologist

Venus in Retrograde last leg

The past two weeks of this Venus Scorpio RX transit has seen some horrific human tragedy and bizarre events. From the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting to the person sending fake explosives to politicians, these past few weeks have shown us some of the worst of society. And this is just in the U.S. not event accounting for international events. I suspected this would be a rocky time politically and socially.

Venus is now in the friendlier Libra after spending almost a month in Scorpio and the civil discourse should become more civil, but we’re still in retrograde until November 16th. But were a week out from a mid-term election and the stakes are high. Low blows are common. Don’t be surprised to witness the bizarre this year.

On a more personal level, I hope that if you are one of those people who has had exes pop back up again…that you were able to make the right choices for yourself and them. The temptation to revisit the past can be alluring, but often, in retrospect, it’s a mistake. We’re asked to revisit or retread over old grounds because the right decisions weren’t initially made. Maybe you did not cut ties with someone else, and that leaves the door open for their return. But the whole time this “relationship” is draining. Now is the chance to definitively end it.

On the flip side, there might be a happy ending. Maybe you choose to commit to working things out. That’s the overall point. Is to commit to something one way or the other.


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