Why Floyd Mayweather is a misogynist


Floyd Mayweather is boxing’s pound for pound king currently. He is the sports biggest draw netting close to half a billion dollars over the course of his 20 year career. Fans of the sport bear witness to the egotistical extravagance that is a part of Floyd’s personality, or at least his marketing scheme. All in good fun right? He seems generally good natured and takes care of his family and friends financially. But he has a mean streak that shows up, and is especially apparent and well documented when dealing with the opposite sex. Dare I say, a misogynist. I will explore his natal chart as well as the natality of his father Floyd Sr. and uncle Roger who essentially raised him.


Floyd Sr and Roger

Logic would tell us that the environment a child grows up in shapes the way they interact with the world. Floyd Sr who is a Libra natally, with a Moon, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio. So his own father has a weakened Moon (fall) and Venus (detriment). He himself is likely a very controlling man when dealing with women. If we look into Floyd Sr’s history, he actually went to prison for selling drugs to Floyd’s own mother. Floyd Sr’s was making money selling drugs to his child’s mother. Think about that for a second.So this is the type of father Floyd was growing up around.

Not as much information is known about Roger Mayweather as Sr and Jr. But his natal chart also shows a detriment Venus in Aries and fallen Mars in Cancer. Again this theme of a weakened Venus shows up. In 2009 Roger Mayweather was arrested for strangling and battering a female boxer in a Las Vegas boxing gym. In 2011 he reached a plea deal. These strained and weakened “feminine” planets in the natal chart indicate aggression flowing through the channels where love should be flowing. That just gives you a background of the men that have been training him and raising him. A case of the sins of the father visiting the children to me.


Floyd Jr


Floyd Mayweather Jr has had his share of recorded incidents  dating back to the 90s, where in one instance he slammed a car door into a woman and punched her repeatedly.  Ironically and hypocritically Floyd dedicated a the fight against the late Diego Corrales to women and victims of domestic violence because of Diego Corrales’ domestic violence issues .Recently in 2012 Floyd spent a few months in jail for assaulting his children’s mother. Most recently there has been a strange public dispute with rapper T.I. revolving around his wife Tiny, with whom Floyd is supposedly good friends. ( Cancer and Pisces pairing).  You can google all those details I won’t go into that. At a press conference for Floyd’s upcoming rematch against Marcos Maidana someone in the press asked Floyd a particular about T.I., and Floyd replied with a crass, misogynistic statement. Later Floyd tried to clear things with this message:Floyd

This is how Floyd is talking about his “friend”. Those examples of Floyd’s treatment of women are to preface and give you a context for his natal chart.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd like his father and uncle have detriment Venuses ( again were talking about selfish Marsian energy flowing through what is supposed to be sharing, understanding IE love principles). Floyd’s Venus in Aries is opposing Pluto in Libra.  Pluto in Libra was a period indicating wanting to change through relationships. Venus in Aries aggressively seeks out these relationships to bring that change. In the meanwhile it is selfish and controlling fighting for the upper hand. Change is supposed to be a reflective and introspective journey not one that requires another person strictly. A good example of this energy and his Moon in Taurus energy was when his fiance Ms. Jackson left him, and Floyd kept every present, gift, or material item that he gave to her.

His Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Leo (detriment) indicating a very touchy ego in relations. The relationship has to make him look better than he does alone, at the same time there is a utilitarian vibe to his relationships. They’re really about business, bringing in more income, and looking good for the public more so than anything else. That’s due to Saturn’s practical nature. However because it’s in detriment in Leo (ego) Floyd’s ego is easily bruised.

This is not excusing his actions. But I can understand his motivations and the conditions he grew up under and it makes sense to me.

What do you think? Any thoughts on him? Or any of the aspects or placements spoken of here feel free to comment.



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