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I thought it would be worthwhile and beneficial to readers to post some of my Q&A results from my account. So here are some of them. Copied word for word exactly how they were asked so I didn’t edit or spell check.


moon in taurus in 8th house and moon in scorp compatibility?

Moon opposite Moon there is attraction but it’s similar to Mars opp Mars in that, you will be out of sync mood wise. Happy when the other is sad, want sex when the other doesn’t want sex etc.


what do you think about a Gemini with a Gemini moon and a Pisces with Capricorn moon trying to build a relationship? is it completely hopeless?
I don’t see how this would work, it would take a lot of understanding. The Moon in Capricorn would find the Gem too unsteady and “airy” for comfort. Gemini sun and moon needs a lot of novelty and excitement which is something the Pisces sun/ Cap moon is not going to provide most likely. Unless their Mercury,Venus,Mars are in air signs or fire signs.
what about a Pisces-Aries cuspian and a Gemini? could the Aries influences kinda balance things out to make the combination more compatible?
1st ,you’re either a Pisces or an Aries. So if you’re a late degree Pisces with some planets in Aquarius, The compatibility is much higher. Also if the person is an Aries with Taurus placements, and the Gemini has Cancer placements that is also compatible. Pisces and Gemini themselves are incompatible however. Although this combination seems to workout more than other sun sign squares most likely due to them being mutable.
pt 1 Aquarius sun (10th house) cap moon( 9th house) Taurus asc Venus in cap(10), mercury in Pisces (11), here. Why do I get bored in my relationships so easily?
Where is your mars placed and what house. What outer planet aspects do your inner planets make?
pt 2 Where is your mars placed and what house. What outer planet aspects do your inner planets make? Aquarius Mars (11th house). I don’t understand aspects yet. I’m very green.
Ok. I think an air mars contributes to it though. Because of the need for mental stimulation.Your mind has to be engaged for you to be inspired to physical action.
Female Cap rising, mars in Aquarius 1st , Pisces sun 2nd, Saturn in Leo in 7th. Male partner Leo rising moon Leo 12th, Virgo Jupiter 1st conj mars in 2nd . Her mars conj his Venus.After 11 years he feels not pulling his weight/contribute enough. Can this be remedied?
Not contributing enough in what regard. I see that you have Saturn in the 7th so you’re not as willing to give up on the R-ship. It’s obviously withstood the test of time. Moon in the 12th he probably likes to be alone a lot. So if you’re talking about employment. Doing something on the nightshift, in a location that doesn’t get a lot of thoroughfare , That is if you’re talking about financial.
Does Aries and Cancer a good match?
Sun sign wise? No . If the Aries as some water, Pisces planets. And Cancer has some Gemini or Leo it could work. Anything can work, it’s just a question of how much you’re willing to bargain and meet the other halfway.
08/18/1972 (9) born at 1314 (9) hours. What is the significance of 9 in my life? Also, Sag moon and rising, Leo sun — will I be good in Sales if I transition now?
That’s a question that requires more in depth analysis . But the 9 theme looks consistent . If you’re doing sales it should be something that you think helps people, and not purely money motivated. You should believe in the product(s) you’re selling.
born 3-2-71, I’m having a lot of challenges, and in an unhappy situation? any advice would help.
Let go of obsessiveness and holding on to the same formula. Change your habits. You’re going to have to let go of your rigidity.
Born 2/20/91… I’ve been stuck in the same place for a while, mind never stops racing, any advice?
Practice “earthing”/”grounding” Make a plan, and take action, and stick to the plan. You over think things and dream, imagine too much. Your placements show a need to discipline your mind because of a lack of focus.
Born november 2, 1989… Any reason I’m experiencing a major funk in my life right now?
Saturn is on your Sun, and likely more planets. Hang tight. Spend this time working on building yourself, disciplining yourself.
I have six planets in my 7th house, but have yet to meet my one true love? Any way to tell time frame in chart?
Yes definitely. Transits in your 5th, 7th, and 8th house. Progressed aspects to venus, moon. Look at your unoccupied houses though. Focus on activities that you don’t normally give attention to. Fixating on love will likely mean it will keep evading you
Venus in gemini 12th house relationships seem to be always secrective. Why?
12th house is secrets and self undoing. You simply don’t feel comfortable with your relationship business out in the open and in the view of any scrutiny or judgment from others.
Sun in Scorpio and moon in sag.. Who am i compatible with?
Tough one, depends on the rest of your planets. But based on sun and moon a fire sun with water moon. Or an earth sun with fire moon.
Ima Gemini … 6/17/93 round 10 am . Having problems being positive and making decisions as to where to go with my life . Any advice ?
The accuracy of your birth time is very important. It seems you may have Mars in the 12th house. You may be inspired by music or the mystical. Like working in secret or alone. All of which may hinder you from “getting out there”. If you want more details let me know I can read your chart. Contact me at if you’re interested.
You use Equal House method, right? I’ve been thinking about switching over because it seems to make the most sense, but it’s difficult when most things in astrology are based off of Placidus. Any tips on doing so? Is it “legal” to just switch over?
My rationale for using equal house is , 30 degrees= 2 hours. This is how your ascendant is determined, so how can the houses just expand or contract arbitrarily. It’s definitely legal. Many astrologers use Equal and Whole sign.
I know that Oscar Pistorius has many not so nice Pluto aspects that generally manifest themselves in an aggressive manner, but the Jupiter Sq Saturn sticks out like a sore thumb to me. I think the illusion Jupiter may present, and Saturn in the 10 house may lead to an unusual fate i.e. prision?
I see that aspect as working extremely hard for what you have, so whatever you get you want to hold onto. In this case it’s a woman.
What aspects in a woman’s chart are men attracted to? Which ones are most likely to hold his attraction?
Mars-Moon aspects (man to woman) Moon-Venus aspects, If the mans Saturn or Pluto has good aspects to Venus and Moon. If there is a combination of good Saturn and Jupiter aspects it strikes the balance between practical and working for the relationship but also forgiving and happy.
As a fellow VinS, how bad do you want to tell her, “I love you”? And how difficult are those words to escape you lips?
Very badly but we never want to appear weak. We don’t like weakness or the appearance of weakness. The words are very hard to let out.
what in ur are the most important aspects denoting love or a significant relationship?
Moon-Venus , Venus-Sun,Jupiter, and anchoring Saturn or Pluto aspects.
is “venus opp venus”, “pluto trine mars” and “venus square saturn” bad aspects to have in synastry?
Venus opp Venus is powerful in attraction, Mars trine Pluto is strong Venus square Saturn though, the Saturn person is critical of Venus. So I’d say that one is the harshest and most bothersome.
Do you think an aqua moon and a leo moon could work out together and if so how? We have sun/merc conj both ways and other good aspects but i wonder if this opp won’t make our needs incompatible. Thanks in advance!
Opposite moons are really hard because your moods are never really in sync.Needs are different, different ways of nurturing etc.
Can you tell me about a moon in virgo woman?
compelled to organize, analyze, nervous issues with digestion. Emotional eater,picky eater. Shows she cares through service. Cleaning .Organizing. On the move. Critical. Moon in Virgo is in fall so it tends to deny emotions, because they’re not practical to deal with.


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