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Astrologically Based Physical Features : Do They Exist?

Can Astrology Be Used To Assess Physical Features?
Not Sure...Need More Data
One of my followers on Twitter sent this to me this morning. An astrologer looked at a number of people and guessed their sign based on some questions and a look at their features.
He guess some right and some wrong. When he was wrong he'd rationalize it some how (for example one woman was on the "cusp" of Taurus and Aries.) He did not look at their natal charts at all though.
This bothered me because they in a sense, tried to mock astrology by using this feeble elderly man to in a sense discredit astrology letting an elderly man be wrong in his assessments. In addition to not analyzing the people using their charts.
In my studies there are consistencies with signs and features, these features are fairly consistent along phenotypical/race lines and each sign seems to have a number of variations. It also appears people take on their ascendant or moon sign in cases. But I've never been able to figure out how to consistently figure out which angle or sign takes precedent.
Some examples
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