Full moon eclipse in Aquarius : Get your heart in the game.

The Lion from the Wizard of Oz... Scared.

The Lunar Eclipse on Thursday 18 August 2016 is at 26 degrees Aquarius at 5:27 am EST. This lunar eclipse is met also by a sextile from the moon to Uranus, and a trine from the Sun to Uranus indicating a “shakeup” of some kind coming down the pike.


Full moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign of humanity ruled by Saturn. Many of the readers reading this know that Aquarius is a socially conscious and opinionated sign, but also chilly and unaware of their own emotions. The full moon here is asking us to let go of that frigid attitude and put your heart into whatever you’re doing. Allow yourself to love, to make mistakes, to let go of fear. To take risks, be vulnerable.

The story of the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz I’ve always believed to be allegory  of  the Leo/Aquarius axis. Before the Leo gains his heart, he is the opposite (Sun is in detriment under the sign of Aquarius). That’s not to say Aquarius is cowardly. That is to say that Aquarius has a difficult time finding their own heart, and own identity, and then presenting that identity against odds. It takes courage being your authentic self and being satisfied with yourself. As opposed to taking bits and pieces of others to create a patchwork identity to placate everyone but at the same time feeling isolated and alone.

This full moon is about finding your heart and your core and loving it, and professing that love not running away from it.

So take this full moon and reflect, this moon is about self discovery. Wrap up projects and routines that you started on the August 2nd Leo new moon.


Sun – Uranus and moon – Uranus show you that while you’re on this path to self-discovery, that inspiration and ideas will pop up out of nowhere. This is a spark that should begin to pay dividends when these ideas are acted upon.

On the world front, expect to see some bold actions by leaders who feel as if they must take grand stands. Emboldened individuals who want attention and to make headlines sparked by the eclipse energy regardless of motivations are bound to occur.



The full moon rituals I post have to do with writing elements of your conscious that you want to release, on a piece of paper. During this full moon, write down those specific thoughts you have about love and being yourself that cause you to repress those feelings. Maybe it’s because you don’t think you’re worthy of a great relationship, or you don’t think your creative ideas are good enough for public view. Write those down on paper and light that paper up and burn it completely, purify and release those thoughts.



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