Full moon in Gemini 2018

Full moon in Gemini

Full moon in Gemini 2018

The first big cosmic event of this Sagittarius transit is a very early full moon in Gemini. Which will be on November 23rd at 12:39am EST at 0 degrees. Almost as early as it could possibly be. This is an important full moon in Gemini because of it being a holiday weekend with millions in the U.S. traveling.

The moon being in Gemini and it’s rulership being in retrograde tells me that this might be one of the worst traveling holidays in a long time. And so if you’re planning on traveling Friday, whether it’s for the weekend or to return home… Monday would be a better . Just to avoid the stress and confusion.

On another note, in this full moon we look at the ideas of communicating to communicate vs communicating to share ideas and knowledge. This full moon asks us to evaluate how we use are minds and how we communicate. Is it direct? Do we share vital, well researched, clear, and concise data when we communicate? Or are we gossiping, sharing slander, and false information. So are we living up to the best of Gemini and Mercury’s ideals and strengths.

Then to take this a step further, the question becomes, are we getting lost in the data and missing the big picture? Or the overarching narratives once this data is parsed? Are we missing the forest for the trees so to speak.

Big Picture

One of the best examples of the Sagittarian big picture idea vs Gemini is ethnicity, language, and music. Really the planets Mercury vs Jupiter. Let me explain. Gemini is the master linguist that communicates one specific language perfectly, however when faced with another language, Gemini is lost. Gemini is also known as a personal sign, a nearsighted sign early in the zodiac.  That’s Mercury.

Sagittarius is a universal/transpersonal sign. Sagittarius speaks the language of music. Without speaking every tongue fluently, Sagittarius is able to communicate a   message to all tongue speakers, through notes, rhythms, and melodies.

People worldwide can hear hip-hop beats, Rock, Jazz, R&B melodies coming from America, and understand the message without understanding the lyrics. That’s the Jupiter/Sagittarius side of it. The Mercury/Gemini side of it is those who understand the lyrics, and understand all of the specific details the rapper/singer is vocalizing.

This full moon tells us to understand what’s being said. Don’t lose sight of the music or the message of the music though. Don’t miss the big picture.


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