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Full moon in Gemini

Full moon in Gemini

Full moon in Gemini November 25th 2015

A full moon in Gemini will occur at 3 degrees Gemini on November 25th, 2015 at 5:45 pm est.  In addition to the full moon, the moon will also be opposite Mercury, and Saturn.  Major major aspects are tugging on the moon.

What the full moon in Gemini means

The full moon in Gemini is a time to gather facts and data and use them to expand your consciousness. This is a time of faith, and trusting your own intuition traversing into unknown territory.

Sagittarius begs us to look at the big picture, to look beyond our immediate surroundings. Think of Gemini as your a small town gossip. Gemini knows everyone, talks to everyone about the latest as they make their rounds. But beyond the daily back and forth communications they make in town, they really don’t step out of the town boundaries. Sagittarius wants us to boldly step into the forest beyond the boundaries of the town and explore the potential treasures that lie in the unknown.

Use what information you have available and take an educated step into the unknown. Do something you thought about doing but fear held you back. Data related to the action should reassure you.

Aim high and aim far, see what you find along the way.

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