Full moon in Leo : Check your ego

The moon will be full at 3 degrees Leo, at 8:45 pm est on January 23rd, 2015. In addition to that, Mars in Scorpio will square both the moon and the Sun creating a volatile fixed t-square. This manifests as a struggle for control. On the eastern coast of the United States, people are battling for control during a winter blizzard with a full moon high tide.

The political climate around the world has been rather xenophobic recently. Ask yourself if your views on humanity are really logical, or based irrationally in national pride. Leo deals with pride, but also is a myopic energy. Try to assess a situation from another point of view, in someone else’s shoes.

On a more personal level, the full moon in Leo tonight is asking us to check our ego and our pride for the greater good. Have you been a good steward of humanity and all that encompasses it?  You are not the center of the universe. You do not need the approval of others. Instead think about groups that currently need assistance.

The people of Flint,Michigan need the assistance right now in the midst of their water crisis. Be of assistance in this human community. The challenge here is to not do it to feed your ego, but because you are the same as those people in Flint. The same could happen to you because you are also human.

If you are well off financially, and take a pompous attitude towards people like the folks in Flint. This is that time to set it aside. When push comes to shove it may be those very same people you thumbed your nose at, who you have to rely on in a similar scenario. That’s what Aquarius and Leo teach us. Believe in yourself, believe in your fellow man .

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