Full Moon in Taurus

wolf in silhouette howling to the full moon

wolf in silhouette howling to the full moon

Tomorrow’s Hunter’s Full Moon in Taurus will take place at 8:05am est at 3 degrees Taurus. This Full Moon is the opportune time to assess what you value especially materially, and those values match up with what you need to progress spiritually and emotionally.

Maybe you have a large SUV and no children. Maybe you go through frequent bouts of “retail therapy.” Maybe you constantly buy the latest technological toys and gadgets. In many cases these possessions are vices to fill voids. Use this period to ask if these material things are really necessary.  If  they aren’t aligned with your true purpose your intuition will tell you so. Then you know what you must do after that.

Use this Moon to claim your value as a human being and purge the idea that you are only the sum of your possessions.

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