Full moon in Virgo 2019 – Snow moon


The full snow moon in Virgo will take place on February 19th, at 0 degrees Virgo, at 10:53 am est. This moon is referred to as a “Snow moon” by certain native American tribes. Representative of mid Winter. This is the final full moon of the solar calendar!

What’s in store?

The full moon in Virgo 2019 is a culmination of Virgo energy that manifests as a focus on the details, on the little things. Frustrations and anxiety could effect your stomach and digestion during this transit. Minor interruptions and problems in your life could turn into mountains… if you let them. Mutable signs from the 0-5 degree range and the fixed signs 25-30 degrees will notice this transit the most. So if your Sun or moon is in that range it’s especially important for you to pay attention.

That’s what the focus of this particular full moon is. Not getting hung up on details but remembering to let some situations unfold organically instead of trying to micromanage them. The impulse to control outcomes and organize your coming days will be strong. But remember that sometimes faith, even blind faith, and trust in your intuition may bring you better answers and solutions than thinking and acting mechanically/systematically.

Wider implications

There is currently an intense anxiousness reverberating throughout society. Political uncertainty, financial uncertainty. All of these issues come to ahead now because Virgo is a thinker, and fundamentally a critic. In our gut we want certain answers. We see what is wrong and want to place the blame somewhere. A powerful clash of faith vs calculation, dreams vs reality is taking place.

It’s important that we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, or of bigger goals. Getting hung up on what someone said because it wasn’t exactly to your liking. That’s not a reason to throw away a relationship! You might be pushed to or feel that’s the right course of action. But think about what positives have been created by the relationship, and the totality of it. This is just an example.

Remain grounded, but remain faithful.


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