Full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces : Getting focused


Full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces

A full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces will occur on September 16, 2016 at 3:05pm EST at 24 degrees Pisces. Accompanying this full moon eclipse is a square from Mars in Sagittarius what is fulfilling to us right now and what inspires us is in conflict right now. Maybe your career satisfies the ego via your raised profile and status, but doesn’t spark the kind of motivation that makes you want to get up every day go to work for example.  Emotionally there is an urge to withdraw, throw in the towel. Which flies in the face off everything you should be doing this full moon!

Getting focused

This full moon lunar eclipse is placed in dreamy and idealistic Pisces asking us to remove and discard negative Pisces traits that have been hindering your progress. For example;

  • Being a victim : Being a perpetual victim is a forfeiture of personal power. It’s an act of submission to all who wish you the worst in life.
  • Daydreaming and escaping : Daydreaming and escapism are mortal sins for the Pisces influenced person and for Pisces influenced transits. This includes escaping through drugs and alcohol. Your problems will always find you no matter how far you attempt to bury them unless they’re tackled head on.
  • Quitting before you start : “What’s the use” mentality. Nobody has accomplished great things with a quit before starting mentality. This is a Pisces trait to work on releasing from your existence during this full moon.

And replace these traits with a great focus on Virgo traits such as ;

  • Creating a schedule : Routine and organization eliminate the confusion of Pisces. If you find yourself haphazardly drifting through your days without any order, this is important for you. Stick to it once you start!
  • Calculated risks : With analysis of information, taking risks doesn’t have to be a risk. Make the best judgements you can by utilizing as much relevant information as possible.
  • Focusing on the present : The only way to do your best consistently is to always do whatever is right in front of you at that time, to the best of your ability. Worrying about what will be done tomorrow or next week while the task at hand needs to be done diminishes your ability to do it well.

Bringing these traits into your psyche will improve everything in your life right now especially the Pisces and water influenced person!


Full moon rituals are a great way to remove negative characteristics of that moon sign from your psyche. During this Pisces lunar eclipse full moon write down on a blank sheet of paper, all of the things that fit under the Pisces bullet points above. Have you been spending too much time smoking weed and watching television? Write that down. How about ignoring health and fitness simply out of laziness. Write that down.

Burn the sheet of paper to purge these thoughts to make room for the Virgo traits mentioned in the bullet points.


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