Full Moon in Pisces: Harvest Moon 9/19/13



Summer comes to a close when the Sun passes into Libra, known as the fall equinox. When the sun passes below the equator into the Tropic of Capricorn and the second half of the year begins. This is known as the harvest moon because as I’ve said in previous entries, Virgo’s symbol the maiden is a woman who is harvesting grains. This is because  this solar transit is when crops should be harvested (check a farmer’s almanac). This harvest moon/ full moon was the time when farmers could work beyond dusk into the night because the moonlight allowed for picking crops beyond normal hours.


Full Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces allows us to tap into the universal consciousness.  Pisces deals with the sick, afflicted, downtrodden, children, and animals. This transit allows you to feel this dynamic in the world. Become more aware of it and then act on it.  Think about suffering in the world and then think about what you can do in the next couple of days to help ease it. No matter how seemingly insignificant you may think your actions are, they are felt. Pisces energy teaches us that many hands make light work. Just like a single fish may be eaten by a predator, but a school of fish moving in unison may actually scare away the predator.

Hands of the poor

Since Virgo and Pisces are signs of service, for the harvest moon , invoke the lunar Pisces energy to give you the strength to help someone.

  • Feeding the hungry, working a food pantry
  • Visiting an elderly relative, neighbor
  • Any volunteer or charity work

Things to think about.

Another way to channel the energy is through creative pursuits. If you’re a musician or artist, you may want to allocate some “me” time tomorrow and see what kind of energy flows. You may be surprised what comes out.

Moon trining  Jupiter

The  current Jupiter in Cancer should really bolster the positive reinforcement and good outcome of whatever it is you do tomorrow. Benefit work may lead to a connection for a better job. That elderly relative or neighbor may share some invaluable knowledge and wisdom with you that you would have never gotten, had you not reached out to them. I’m not saying to expect or fish for anything. Because that’s not why you help people. But don’t be surprised if your work bears fruit.


Note: “Officially” the full moon is tomorrow, the 19th. But the Sun and Moon will be in orb the night of the 18th. The moon will appear full.


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