Full moon in Sagittarius 2016 | Journey to objective truths

Acknowledging the knowledge of others.

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A full moon in Sagittarius will occur on May 21st 2016 at 1 degree Sagittarius at 9:14 UTC (5:14 pm est). This full moon will make a conjunction to Mars retrograde in Sagittarius that day as well.

Full moon in Sagittarius

This full moon is all about understanding that we must take facts into account when making judgements in life. As opposed to relying exclusively on assumptions and guesswork. Being conscious of the idea that not applying thought to situations which require thought, and dialogue, will work against us in the long run.

Self-righteousness and ignorance towards other viewpoints actually spells potential self undoing with Mars in Sagittarius retrograde in conjunction with the moon! Patience will get you everywhere. If you’re a fire heavy or water heavy person the old count to 10 device will be of great help to you.

Gemini represents learning through interfacing with other people. This full moon through new moon Gemini period has a tremendous potential for learning that in order to gain the most information and deepest understanding,  listening to others is a must. Not pausing and waiting to let the other person to say their piece only so you can start talking again, but actually listening and hearing the other person.

Person from a different religious background? Hear them out without prejudging.

Person from a different racial background? Hear them out without prejudging.

Trust the facts as much as your intuition. Use both to come to the best conclusion.


Not much of a ritual, really a prayer. Pray for the understanding to see others thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies as acceptable.  Ask for the willingness and patience to be open enough to listen to what others are saying, even if it clashes with your own ideas.  Ask for the help to release self-righteousness when it hinders growth and understanding.


Speak your mind !