Full moon in Scorpio 2016 – Purge and deconstruction

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A powerful Full moon in Scorpio will take place the morning of April 22, 2016 at 1:23 am est at 2 degrees Scorpio. The Scorpio full moon can be used effectively for catharsis, as Scorpio is the ruler of what is hidden, and deeply ingrained in us. There are certain underlying issues that we as individuals avoid especially if we’re not someone that has a very Scorpio heavy chart. Why? Because they are “ugly” to us. They are dirty, cruddy elements of ourselves that we bury. And like Michael Jackson sang :

“Take a look at yourself and make a change”

These issues might be hidden from others. But we can’t hide from ourselves.

The full moon will be sitting on the midpoint of Saturn and the North Node, which tells me that this full moon has a very special lesson for us this time around. The evolutionary growth potential is immense. Since the last Scorpio full moon, what negative habits, what negative emotions have you taken on? Drugs? Alcohol? Toxic boyfriend/girlfriend? Some painful cord cutting might be necessary. Ask yourself if certain vices are simply ways to hide from yourself. We must clear our psyche’s and deconstruct in order to begin to regenerate and rebuild for the new moon in Taurus next month. Where we will build and grow, embracing what the earth provides, embrace the earth itself.


This full moon is actually a singleton aside from the midpoint aspect. It makes no major aspects to any planets. One way to look at this is that the full moon is a totally concentrated and unbridled Scorpio. Scorpio in its purest form. There are simply no modifiers to alter or redirect Scorpio. So this makes things very simple for us, especially those who do rituals and prayers for the lunar transits.

One old school ritual is to write down all of the problems, feelings, and angst that you want to leave behind onto a piece of paper. Then burn the paper into ashes. This allows you to intently watch your problems dissolve. It’s a powerful and effective visual.

How will you spend your full moon?


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