Guest Post: Solar Eclipse in Virgo, by the Tarot Cards



I figured I’d kick off my first post about the links between Tarot and Astrology by diving right into a reading about tonight’s eclipse! Nothing better for leaning than some hands-on work. I wanted to use the cards to help us better understand the partial solar eclipse happening on 9/12 or 9/13 depending on your time zone, and what to expect as a result of it over the next few months.

I began by searching for three cards and placing them at the top of my spread. They were the Hermit, representing Virgo, the Sun, representing… you guessed it!, and the Priestess, representing the Moon. This is to help us focus on the Sun and the Moon, coming together as a solar eclipse, in Virgo.

The first card is the Prince of Disks. Court cards, such as the princes, represent people, and this card represents those born at the end of Aries and much of Taurus. Roughly, birthdays April 11-May 11. The card accompanying it is the Two of Disks, promising change; if you spy the symbol for Jupiter in the card, you already know that this will be a change for the better! The eclipse spells a bumpy start, having to get rid of the old a little faster than you would like, but over the next five, six months you’ll run into good fortune, one good thing building into another and then again into another. Remain open to change and the risks that you have taken will begin to pay off.

The third card is the Princess of Cups, another court card, representing those with water dominant in their charts. Those with multiple placements in Cancer, Scorpio, and/or Pisces, or Neptune ascending or as a chart or solar ruler should pay especially close attention to this eclipse. The card accompanying her is the Magus, indicating science, technology, communication, and education. Sound familiar? He is also associated with Mercury. Within a week of the eclipse Mercury turns retrograde, and the tarot cards are telling you Water folks to be especially careful during this time. Often times the Water signs take it easy during Mercury retrograde, it doesn’t affect them as strongly as it does the Air or even Fire signs, but you should be wary this time around. Once it concludes, throw yourself whole-heartedly into all of those Magus related endeavors I mentioned above: learning new skills, experimenting with different kinds of blogs and writing, bringing more tech and tech-savvy ideas into your workplace.

Tarot, Eclipses, Astrology! Stay Tuned for More

There are so many different things that link tarot and astrology together, this spread is just one example of how a tarot reading can build up your understanding of the astrological events happening around us day to day. So if you own your own deck, or keep a tarot reader on call in addition to your astrologer, don’t be afraid to begin asking some questions about how they’re connected. And I’ll be around for a few more posts so you can learn more!


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