I’m an astrologer who hates presidential predictions, here’s why

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Every 4 years one of the astrological community’s favorite pastimes is trying to figure out which U.S. presidential candidate will become president. Using tools such as transits, progressions, astrologers take an educated stab at choosing the man or woman who might occupy the White House.

Segments of astrologers have argued why their choice is the best, some have made accurate predictions and allowed it to inflate their ego, others project their own political biases whether it be Democrat, Republican, or other. None the less, astrologers come to their own conclusions for a whole slew of reasons.

I’ve always sat back and just watched this dialogue going on from afar. After all, if I put on my odds man hat… it’s a 50/50 proposition, so from a sheer numbers standpoint, it could be pure dumb luck as to why someone is accurate with their prediction. I’ve grown to hate these predictions for all the reasons mentioned above, but ultimately for a fundamentally deeper reason.

Presidents aren’t elected

This is a personal belief, with good reason. The same free will and driving spirit that brings us to many of our conclusions and destinations as human beings, is not a part of presidential politics… at all.

In the year 2000, when Bush v Gore went in front of the Supreme Court of the USA, the justices at the time voted to halt the count, ultimately putting George W. Bush into the Whitehouse. I don’t have any references but Al Gore may have had the best transits, best progressions, the most favorable of circumstances at the time. But it didn’t matter. Gore was not chosen or (s)elected.

In 2004 when George W. Bush was up for reelection vs Senator John Kerry, on this episode of Meet the Press, Tim Russert asked both President Bush and John Kerry about their Yale Secret Society, Skull and Bones.


They both appeared to be caught off guard by the question as they stutter and stammer to answer.

It was at this time when I came to the realization after  2000’s Florida recount fiasco, and witnessing this in 2004, that we do not elect the chief executive officer of the USA. We just don’t.

A few times in US some rogue politicians got into the Whitehouse, but they were unfortunately dealt with. They were selected none the less but went against their obligations once in office, and paid dearly.

So when the charade plays out, it’s a result that’s given to us. Not a manifestation of happenstance, celestial timing, and guidance. Now do these secret societies use occult sciences and arts to their own advantage? Yes. Maybe they even choose the president based on astrology for one reason or another. Democrats have picked Leos the past two times prior to 2020. The Republicans picked 3 air signs and one Cancer since 1980. 1 Aquarius, 2 Geminis.

Is this pure coincidence?  Or were these people chosen for their ability to communicate. Were these Leos chosen because they had charisma? Possibly

But the will of the people, pure happenstance with astrological transits and progressions that tip the scale in favor of one candidate or another? I don’t believe that happens at all.

Thus why I don’t care for these predictions.


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