Is Astrology based investing legit? : Bull and moon app review.

Is Astrology based investing legit? Bull and moon review
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Is Astrology based investing legit? Bull and moon app review

Scrolling through my Twitter timeline today around lunch I came across a Tweet with a link to a Forbes article that grabbed my attention. The article was about a new app that links  stock market picks that are supposedly compatible with your Sun and moon astrological sign. I rolled my eyes, but I kept an open mind.  Astrology and financial markets have a long long history. Some astrologers specialize in these financial cycles. But I don’t think there has ever been a stock and human synastry analysis.

That’s what the  Bull and moon app seeks to do.

Bull and moon app review

I have an android phone so I had to borrow someone’s Iphone to play around with this. It’s not available on Android at the moment. Downloading the app is simple enough. Once downloaded they ask you for your name and birthdate. Once entered you’re immediately paired up with a stock.

My first pick recommendation was APPL/Apple. The reasoning was Apple is an Aries according to this app. Some historical price data was available for various time frames, a little background on APPL and not much else. There’s also a random tab that brings up a random stock along with a compatibility score. The score has to do with your own Sun and moon sign and the establishment date of the stock.

Very clean, simple, albeit feature sparse app. But investing using astrology based on this idea is totally absurd.

Let me tell you why.

Successful Investing and trading is math and psychology based.

Mercury rules over the realm of stocks and trading markets. Some of the wealthiest investors in the U.S. like Warren Buffett and George Soros both have strong Mercury signatures. Warren Buffett was born under a Sun and Mercury Virgo. George Soros was born under a Mercury Virgo and Mars Gemini. Investing requires some recognition of patterns, value, foresight and an understanding of public sentiment.  Those who successfully invest and trade stocks also use many of these skills and innately have a favorable inclination towards them. Others cultivate them. But they’re largely how success comes with investing.

While there is no one way to invest, these principles have zero to do with Sun and moon compatibility between a person and a the Sun and moon for the date a stock was launched.

Bear in mind that a stock going public vs a company being private for a very long time then going public, can change the date used for an app like this, quite drastically. The app is entertaining, but I’d never invest  based a single suggestion given by this app.

Financial markets and astrology

While personal synastry/composition between a person and a stock isn’t very legitimate, there is a strong history of market cycles and astrological transits.  Check out this article about the current Jupiter cycle were in and those financial ramifications: Jupiter in Capricorn 2019.

The slower inner planets like Mars and outer planets such as Saturn and Jupiter can be used to chart macroeconomic cycles as highlighted in the link.

Even trading indicators such as the moon cycle indicator are pretty common.  Buy a stock on the new moon and sell on the full moon. Rinse and repeat. Tradingview has the history of success for this strategy and actually check out the entire backtest there.

General Investing

If I invested in AAPL during this past 2 year or really any large cap stocks … I would have profited. So the 7% result vs baseline 1% profit that Head of commerce Daniel Greenberg is touting is pretty much lower than any index you can think of, Dow Jones, S&P 500 etc. The Dow Jones year to date is 15% +. So, in reality, the app is underperforming.

Investing is one of my other hats. I’ve successfully invested for the past 15 years even through the 2008 financial crisis. To read more on my guidance in investing go to my other site : Lifestyle Guerilla.



So there is a use for astrology in financial markets as well as a history there. Bull and moon as an app, however, has little to do with outer planets and financial market cycles. It’s the National Enquirer of astrological financial advice.


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