Jupiter in Capricorn 2019 and a history of financial crisis

Jupiter in Capricorn 2019
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Jupiter in Capricorn 2019

Feb 13th, 2019 – Astrology is the study of cosmic cycles and the change that comes with them. This year is no different with a very important transit, a Jupiter transit. Jupiter the god of all gods, will be returning to Capricorn after 12 years. This transit, however, has been rather harsh historically, in the financial sector and for the economy. I mentioned this historical pattern on Twitter the other day:

2020 as a year will be wild IMO. #12 years after the last crash which was under Jupiter in Cap. Jupiter in Cap is returning Dec 3rd, 2019 until December 20, 2020.Click To Tweet

Check out that short thread if you have the time. The point is to highlight the events that take place during these cycles.  Jupiter will enter Capricorn again on December 3rd, 2019 until December 18th, 2020.

Jupiter, the planet of faith, excesses, belief, is the ruler of Sagittarius. At home and comfortable during this current transit. However, Jupiter then shifts into the austere and rigid Capricorn after living its best life, and is told to sit down and be quiet. It is then we can see the hows and whys of the economic shift from a cosmic perspective.

25 years of Jupiter vs. Saturn

Southeast Asia was humming economically. Thailand grew economically for 11 years straight from 1985 to 1996. During the Jupiter in Aquarius transit in July 1997, a credit crunch and financial panic rippled throughout Southeast Asia. Stock prices, currency, and other assets plummeted in value. This caused the IMF to “bail out” a number of countries in the region including Thailand and Indonesia.

2008 financial crisis

In 2007 we began to hear rumblings about the real estate market. Housing loans were not being paid (ARM’s) and it appeared that many Americans were losing their homes. Right at the beginning of Jupiter in Capricorn, in January 2008, BEA jobs reports came out reporting a 17,000 economic job loss. July 2008 right in the middle of the transit, Fannie and Freddie Mac were bailed out in the “Too big to fail” scandal.

Then in September 2008, Lehman Bros. declared bankruptcy and it sent the stock market into a nosedive. Then in October 2008, the federal government reported a 159,000 job loss over the previous month. October 6th, the stock market plunged 800 pts.

November brought   200,000 job losses.  January 5th Jupiter entered Aquarius and subsequently, news began to come out that month, that the economy was beginning to recover.

The coming Jupiter in Capricorn

It’s 2/21/19 and we’re in the early degrees of Jupiter in Sagittarius. But the rumblings are beginning.  Over the past week I’ve heard stories of restaurant attendance being way down, record number of auto loans going sub prime. This might be the next financial crisis. Both are not good economic indicators. Over the coming months, and December 2019 when Jupiter officially transits to Capricorn should paint a better picture.

The overarching theme is that this year honesty is the best policy. We will see economic truths rear their heads. Overspending, debt, the truths will come out. Jupiter in Capricorn will ask us to get grounded. Focus on what’s real and tangible. With that austerity and an economic downturn is likely. However, Jupiter being luck … if you have all of your ducks in a row already, and remain debt-free, or keep your finances under control you will reap Jupiter in Capricorn 2019’s – 2020’s rewards.

If you don’t, the problems you face will most likely be compounded. These cycles come and go but timing is everything. Knowledge is power and timing this just right will save you from pain and maybe even work to your advantage. Stay tuned for much more.

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How will you prepare for the transit?


Update: March 2020

Unprecedented economic shutdown due to COVID-19 virus pandemic. Mars in Capricorn, Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, and Pluto in Capricorn are conjunct.



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  2. Yes, it is coming…. the collapse… Climate Change is a symptom of our species hubris… we are very near the final tipping points…

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