Kanye West announces presidential run during full moon.

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Full moons are renowned for the strange occurrences that take place during their course. Especially during a lunar eclipse. So when I first heard this news I thought I was being trolled or this announcement was a joke. But it just so happens that it’s 100 real. That’s right… Kanye West is running for president of the United States and he announced so over Twitter last night. Let’s get right into the event chart for the time of his announcement.

Announcement Event Chart

This chart was cast by an astrologer I follow on Twitter almost immediately as the announcement came.  And one could easily deduce that Kanye West does not have an astrologer on the payroll.

In addition to Kanye having the chart ruler in detriment and RX in the 2nd house, Jupiter is conjunct two malefics Saturn and Pluto. So from this angle the presidential run does not bode well financially for Kanye West.

However, when we take a look at his natality. It looks like his natal ascendant is somewhere in the middle decan of Cancer ( astrotheme.com says 18 degrees). So this full moon eclipse took place on his ascendant and descendant which happen to be critical trigger points if you will. A further look reveals magick has taken place in fact.

When we take a look at the particular lunar mansion the Capricorn moon was in at the time of announcement ( Sa’d Bula). The dog-headed cat. The mansion highlights separation, divorce, and gaining freedom. The fact this took place on his ascending/descending axis is powerful. His natal 7th house was eclipsed by his chart ruler the moon and it appears he has used the moment to break free from someone or something (or even an idea) using magick.

My question is who or what is he divorcing from? Who is he trying to gain freedom from?

I really don’t know. He’s a wily Gemini Sun Pisces moon, similarly, Donald Trump is a Gemini Sun Jupiter moon (Sagittarius) so they have some traits that are close in common, namely temperament.  So I don’t know how this actually plays out over the next 4 months. 2 months in he may decide it’s costing too much money and he decides to suspend the campaign.

It should be entertaining either way.

Do you think Kanye is in it to win it? Why do you think he decided to run?



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