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Kanye West meets Donald Trump

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Kanye West meets Donald Trump

As you’ve probably heard, Kanye West met President Trump in the oval office last week. Many people from all different perspectives and persuasions, were disgusted by the spectacle. It was a highly charged event for sure, and brought out strong feelings from former and current Kanye fans, Trump supporters, and Trump haters. Why do these two seem to have such a good connection? Some observers believe they both share narcissistic disorder traits. I believe that may well be, but even more than that, they share a similar electromagnetism through their natal charts.



Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun, Sagittarius moon are opposed in aspect. More about Donald Trump’s natality is here : The appeal of Donald Trump . With this opposition in these particular mutable signs, he is “inconsistent”, what some would call fickle. We can observe this by how often he changes his mind or forgets things he said the previous week. This man changes his views with the weather. I talk about the energy flow of the mutable signs in my book. Mutable signs are the most changeable. Not exactly the stable and resolute temperament of the previous President …Obama, who himself has a Leo Sun, and Aquarius moon. Then it is suspected that Donald Trump has a Cancer ascendant which places his Sun in the 12th or 11th house. An 11th house Sun is that person who sits among a group of people, but always wants to speak or grab attention, even just to hear themself talk. I suspect this is him, maybe even Kanye.


This bombastic personality loves attention, and what better way to bring attention, than to bring another similar personality in for a public meeting. Kanye West is also a Gemini Sun, Cancer ascendant person. This resonance shows how similar they really are. Kanye’s moon is in 16 degrees Pisces, tightly squaring his 17 degree Gemini Sun. So Kanye’s moon is also in a mutable sign, and in a Jupiter sign. It’s just in a water sign.

The Meeting

So they both have this kind of helter-skelter energy flowing, they both are famous, and infamous at the same time. Throw them in a room together, and you get this :

Watch the actual interview, you can see that they are both very scatterbrained and lack the ability to focus. Not surprising with very mutable dominant individuals. Kanye ends up rambling and Trump seems preoccupied and disinterested. Yet they both appear to like each other none the less.

Kanye West meets Donald Trump


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