Libra careers: The attorney and judge

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Libra is the sign of the scales and represents law and justice. The scales indicate that Libras are looking for a partner and someone else to help guide them throughout life, more importantly reciprocity and cooperation. Libras often operate at a higher level when in a relationship or simply working in a collaborative capacity. Libras are a cardinal air sign, as such, they are more socially focused. This air quality makes for a tactful and socially adept individual, good at judging others and tactfully navigating society. They usually are able to step back and take an objective look at two opposing sides and lay out persuasive arguments in favor of one side.  They are at their best when they are not personally on one of the sides, but act as an arbitrator or intermediary. Libras can do anything anybody else can do don’t get me wrong,but for this reason Libras are often very skilled lawyers and judges. Whether it’s a small time mesothelioma law firm, municipal judge, to the most famous criminal defense attorneys.  There are many good famous examples of attorneys to point to. I’d like to share a few of these masterful Libras.

Johnnie Cochran: Criminal Defense Attorney

Libra careers: The attorney and judge 1


Johnnie Cochran was one of the most famous criminal defense attorneys of the modern day.  Most notably the criminal defense of O.J. Simpson in his trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Johnnie Cochran was also a Libra.  His most famous quotable :” If the glove fits you must acquit” is a phrase  used in TV and film.This high profile case opened the doors for movie and TV cameos.

At look at his chart features a Libra Sun of course. But also features a strong Mercury in Virgo conjunct Neptune. Indicated powers of persuasion. So not only was he skilled at arguing his side but a polished speaker and very persuasive. In astrological terms, this whole chart is responsible for him being who he is . But the fact he was a Libra is the focus here.

Judith Sheindlin: TV Judge

Judge Judy Judge Judy is a family court prosecutor, and long time TV Judge . She’s known for being objective but tough. Argumentative and tends to use cutting sarcasm in a very condescending but funny way.

With this potent Sun,Venus, Mars conjunction in Libra, along with Mercury in Libra, we have a very cerebral and calculating, sharp individual. Judge Judy has Mercury trine Saturn which shows in her very critical and cold judgements.  With those 4 Libra planets though she has a very easy time seeing equitability . This heightened Libra  ability to employ logic also shows a person who is adept at deductive reasoning and can easily spot inconsistencies and lies.

This combination of sharp analytical skills and wit is why her TV show has been on nearly 20 years.



Mark Geragos : Criminal Defense Attorney



Mark Geragos is a Criminal Defense Attorney out of Los Angeles, California and has represented many famous celebrities including; Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Gary Condit, Scott Peterson, and Nascar driver Jeremy Mayfield. He makes guest appearances as a legal contributor on CNN, CBS, NBC, and Fox News.

His chart is heavily Libra. Similar to Judge Judy in that he has his Sun conjunct Mars in Libra.  He has Jupiter in Libra conjunct both the Sun and Mars in Libra, in the first house. This to me shows someone who lives and breaths the practice. With Jupiter in Libra this tells me he likes the attention,prestige, and press of being a part of these high profile celebrity cases.  He has his domicile Mercury in Virgo sitting on his ascendant. He shares the Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Libra combination with Johnnie Cochran, which a tighter grasp on language than Mercury in Libra, or Mercury in Scorpio.  And more concerned about practicality in their arguments than the abstracts associated with Mercury in Libra as seen in Judge Judy’s chart.

Are you a Libra?  Maybe you should consider  a career in law or government. If you are considering law, or wondering what you should pursue and are a Libra,  please share your thoughts below.


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