Libra season and some synastry truths

Libra season and some synastry relationship truths

Libra season and some synastry truths

I want to talk about Libra season and some synastry truths  it’s Libra season. This is one that I believe is extremely important to the practice. And that is synastry and relationship astrology in  general.

On social media I see many, many posts about all Venus signs do this, and all people do that. This is pure falsehood. These are personal anecdotes or situations that individuals project on to everyone else with a particular placement which I don’t like to see.In jest it’s fun to talk trash about other signs, placements, quirks you see.

But anyone can and will cheat. There are fully faithful people with every moon and Venus placement in existence. I go back to temperament and the basics again because so many people overlook or ignore the basics. The mode of love expression, whether it be water, fire, air, or Earth, is one aspect.. Some couples love and need a lot of physical intimacy, others are rather asexual and just like the social aspects of relationships. Depending on their personal aspects, there will be modulations to these fundamental truths. No sign placement makesanyone cheat or remain faithful.

Being faithful and your personal relationship values will depend on your upbringing, where you were raised, who raised you, and the values they instilled in you.

True Story

My cousin’s parent’s-in-law were a Sagittarius (woman) and Aries(man) couple in their 90’s . They’d grown up through the great depression in NY, lived through him fighting in WW2 and everything that came along with that. Now on paper due to her excessive fire and  Uranus aspects and his Aries and Aquarius, and heavy Neptune, one might think that they were a mess back in the day.

But from everything I knew about them they were always faithful. She was a riot, very funny and would rag on you, and he was extremely friendly and stand up. Their personalities were very outgoing and social. But they never separated. Their upbringing through those eras/ astrological generations,had a different value system etched in their psyche,

Sticking together was required for survival. So even when they became more affluent, it didn’t matter, that need for loyalty remained forever.

Similarly if you grew up in trauma, witnessed abuse, which many many people have. That jades people’s actions in relationships too. If someone feels as though all relationships are transient and meaningless due to early trauma,..guess what, they will treat them as meaningless and transient.


Moral is synastry is extremely important, good synastry is absolutely half the battle. But knowing the other person’s background, where they came from, where their parents came from, what they do and did, these are all character assessments that the younger generations overlook from what I can tell. So that kind of assessment PLUS synastry research together are absolutely the best tools available.


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