Lookout!!: What stimulants must be avoided by sun sign. Part 1


Lookout!!: What stimulants must be avoided by sun sign. Part 1 1
Every single person has their vices this is without question true. But one vice to one person will not affect the other in the same way. So what I will do is share what should be avoided or at least controlled, by sun sign. This is a general sun sign interpretation though, when I have the natal chart reading services up and running I will be able to look deeper into what should be avoided as the individual planetary aspects and houses etc.will modify characteristics greatly.

Air signs:

Aquarius: Video games, cell phones. Things that keep the humanitarian attached at all times, but these things hinder an Air signs best traits which is the their intellectual abilities and mind and weaken their already short attention span. Instead, what should be cultivated or explored is song writing, or abstract art. Which are creative forms of communication. Aquarian Bob Marley, used Marijuana because according to him it actually helped his mind focus.

Libra: Social Libra is another sign that should avoid the idol movement created by video games. This does not help the Libra’s greatest asset which is it’s social charm. Libra rules the kidney’s and many Libra’s are fond of social drinking, but with the kidney weakness of Libras excessive drinking must be avoided. Alcohol induced sleep is a common trait amongst Librans because of the burden put on the kidneys. Singing or taking up a musical instrument is a great way to satisfy both the social aspect of the libra’s person and make use of their Venusian gifts.

Gemini: Another sign which video games and frivolous novel distractions should be avoided. Things that shorten or work against strengthening concentration should be avoided. Word games, games that expand vocabulary are good. Public speaking, singing, writing should be cultivated to help bring action, movement and travel to your highly mental oriented nature.

Water signs, I will nip this in the bud, Alcohol must be monitored or better yet cut off for all water natives as water natives tend to “drown” themselves in their issues.

Cancer: Alcohol tends to have a freeing effect on the very receptive and home centered cancer. It may give them a that boost to step out. But it will bring high volatility to their emotional nature resulting in a lot of unnecessary strife. Cancer’s would be wise to cultivate their personal emotional and physical strength, maybe take up martial arts or boxing. Channel emotional energies towards acting . A positive Lane to channel energy as well as personal strength and confidence is vital.

Pisces: Any form of drug (especially the euphoric type) and alcohol should be completely avoided by the neptunian. The fish struggles with self identity and confidence as Neptune rules mysticism. Pisceans need to do necessary homework to learn about themselves , their history and stay as firmly grounded as possible. Like Cancer, building a concrete and positive self image is vitally important. Learning to accept things and people for what they really are is important and avoiding avenues of escapism will benefit you greatly.

Scorpio: The Marsian/Plutonian should not use alcohol due to their extreme emotional nature. Stage or screen acting is a great way to channel that passionate energy. Martial arts and disciplines like Qui gong and Tai chi are positive outlets as well.

Stay tuned for fire and earth signs!!


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