Lost at sea in Pisces


Lost at sea in Pisces

The dual water sign is heavily influencing current events. With the Sun, Mercury RX, and Neptune all in Pisces, the trident is ruling our earthly domain right now and making heads from tails seems like a challenge. Just look at the current news, with Michael Jackson for example.  Just one big example of the Piscean tide throwing information at us leaving it up to us to figure out its validity.

The Tides

You ever walk on a beach when the tide is going out? You will find everything imaginable left behind. Driftwood, dead crabs, maybe a dead bird, clothes. We find all of these things on shore that came from the tide, but it comes without context, we don’t know how it got there. Where is the wood from? Whose clothes were they? We don’t know.

That’s kind of how I view this Pisces season with the media..and our thoughts. Really… Pisces in general. A lot of stuff floating in with the tide, and it’s up to you to  make sense of it. But if you don’t have the time or energy to sift through it all, you’ll be confused. Which is Virgo’s job, to organize, and why it’s Pisces counterbalance.

That’s why I recommended being careful of  what the media says in my Mercury in Pisces RX post.

When we’re swamped with information it’s important to step back and verify. I’m guilty too of looking at headlines and drawing conclusions or taking information presented at face value.

One of Jupiter’s/Pisces’ strength is trust, belief, and intuition. On the negative side, this can manifest as naivety. This naivety can be really damaging during this transit.

That piece of clothing that drifted ashore? Imagine someone came by and made up an entire story about it’s journey to the shore. And you bought it… the whole thing! They were so convincing… how could they have made that up? Quite easily.

– Be mindful of the stories you hear
– Vet information
– Social media/media reset or fast

Allow yourself the space to think clearly and to make heads or tails of new information.

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Lost at sea in Pisces 1

Astrolog #1

I tried something  different yesterday and will continue to do this. I made an Astrolog, which is more of a freestyle scribe with me talking about personal transits and corresponding events. A way to give more life to transits.

Check out the first one below.


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