Manti Te’O hoax, astrologically speaking.


Manti Te'O hoax, astrologically speaking. 1


If you follow sports you probably have heard about this story by now. 22 year old Notre Dame football player  Manti Te’O got caught in what appears to be a hoax. So as an astrologer knowing the details of the alleged hoax and the nature of it, I had to look up this kids natal chart. So what I found is we have an Aquarius Sun and Venus, Moon and Mars in Gemini, and Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Neptune by less than a degree. Let me break down what this means.

Aquarius is the sign electronics and computers, Gemini rules over communications , talking on the phone , texting er=tc, This kid had 4 air signs comprising his personal planets. Venus in Aquarius was probably the placement in a person who thought of E-sex, or Skype sex, video chat eroticism. And Gemini Mars, Venus, Moon was probably in the chart of the person who created phone sex. With air signs in the sexual/love planets (Moon,Mars,Venus) there is a disconnect from the physical, and more of a need for “cerebral intimacy” or communication. There is evidence to show that air signs especially in combination making up the sexual planets can indicate asexuality or homosexuality.  So for the online relationship part of this story, looking at his natal chart it appears plausible. But here is what doesn’t make sense.

Why would he make this up? Well, look no further than Mercury conjunct Neptune by less than a degree. Mercury and Neptune are naturally enemies. Because Mercury is logical thought, rational thought, verbal communication. Neptune is the spiritual psyche, the dreams and subconscious thoughts of  the greater mass of society. These people have tendency to be extremely intuitive and pick up vibes very easily,So they tend to work by hunches as opposed to evidence. The problem here is that they can incorrectly take in information, Neptune distorts and confuses. Or they may confuse something that did actually happen, and combine it with a feeling of something happening. Then when they recall the event the remember both reality, and the feeling  as actual events. “Misremembering”.

There is a creative imagination and a natural musical inclination here too. Music may just play in these individuals heads, or wild stories may just form out of nowhere. This is also an aspect of a skilled and convincing liar, one who believes their own lies. Also may be an inspiring speaker. (Joel Osteen comes to mind)This placement is akin to Mercury in Pisces.

So with all that being said based on his natality I think he just got caught in lie and is embarrassed , and wants find a way out of the lie. This chart shows a particularly loose grip on reality and it’s showing now with this story.

Here is his chart below:

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