Married to Mr. or Mrs. wrong?


So I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who is a few years older, married, two kids. He tells me how he has a Facebook page that his wife set up. He’s a late degree Gemini so being mercury ruled he really talks someones ears off and in the same vein, IM and chat someones fingers to the bone. He’s frustrated because his wife keeps a close eye on him. He’s always telling me, ” man, I can’t use any of that electronic stuff, she’s super jealous, even though it’s just chit chat she goes bananas”. Well his wife just so happens to be a late degree Pisces. Both of their sun signs are at a tight square.

Now looking further into their astrology he (I’ll call him Shawn) doesn’t have much to signify an attraction or affinity with a Pisces sun woman. However, in her chart, her moon tightly conjuncts his sun, and their venus’ trine each other resulting in a rather strong love bond overall. Their mars planets are sextile also, so at least on a passion and sexual level they get on great. It’s when we get to the deeper sun and moon dynamic is where things start to get a little murky. Their moons are in opposition meaning that their schedules are probably opposite of each other, for example, she works at day and he works at night.Her sun squares his sun and moon.

Shawn also admitted to me that he runs around on his wife, but he admits she is a great wife and mother, she is very supportive and a true keeper of the home. I just believe the Pisces sun placement may throw a big monkey wrench into their whole situation and may be part of the force that would drive him to look elsewhere. Gemini doesn’t want a clingy emotional Pisces to deal with that’s too hard to understand and irritating to deal with as an air sign. Asking him not to chat goes against everything in him as a mercury sign.

They still have this potent sexual energy and strong emotional affinity(mutual harmonious moon-venus aspects). My overall point being, there are no real home runs, and if you do happen to find a Mr. wrong or Mr. right you are in an elite club. There are simply too many intricacies for everything to unfold like a Disney fairy tale. Shawn has some real issues with who his wife is (sun square sun), but there are many elements he appreciates about her, and her of him that they are still bound together.

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