Mars in the earth signs


earth signs

Mars in the earth signs are motivated by sense, and tangible results. Earth is a “dry” element so there isn’t a firey or excitable energy here, but a steady and stable energy. Let’s go through the Mars in the 3 earth signs.


Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus is in Mars detriment. Meaning Mars here is ruled by Venus and  motivated by sensuality and physical comforts. A good time, good food, sex, and money are what motivates Mars in Taurus.  Mars here can be lazy and indolent, but when motivated has the singularity of purpose and will that the other fixed signs show. These individuals are usually slow moving, but exceptionally strong. Peace and comfort lovers at their core , they have a very long fuse. But if pushed far enough they can blow a gasket. Good placement for business and accumulating wealth.

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