Mars in air signs

Mars in air signs

Natives with air signs natally in their mars planet will have a large storage of mental and intellectual energies, but these mars placements are considered less favorable because of the hot and wet nature, in contrast to the hot and dry nature of a fire mars. Where the element fire reacts, air will think. I wouldn’t consider this a bad thing though as many astrologers do. Many musicians, artists, actors have mars in an air sign, and interestingly enough, many of the top professional boxers have mars in an air sign. ( I believe this is due to the analytical and strategical mental functionality inherent in mars in air signs coupled with airs detached and unemotional nature).I will tell you why in a minute but before that I will go through the mars in air signs.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini natives have mercurial energy to spare. Lower mind activities like writing, word games, speaking keep these restless minded natives attention. Quick witted and sharp minded, these natives with this position are great orators and actors. ( Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Senator John Kerry, Al Pacino, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan to name a few actors, Ghostface killah of Wu-tang clan) I’m sure many people have a memorable one liner from one of the above mentioned people, in the back of their mind somewhere. Restlessness and attention span can be a problem as well as fickleness.

Men will display their Marsian energies by being witty wordsmiths. They’ll become story tellers, giving double meanings and blirting out sexual innuendos. Women will be attracted to a man who gives displays these Gemini traits.

Mars in Libra

In detriment as Aries is home in mars, Libra being the opposite of Aries. I’m an owner of this mars so I may be a bit biased in my observation. Mars Libra is definitely one to constantly weigh options. Give us one second to make a decision our answer will be “I’m not sure”. Ruled by Venus. Beauty brings out our passion and many Mars Libra natives happen to be musicians and musical artists.

( John Lennon, Barry White, Whitney Houston, R.Kelly to name some) as well as charming politicians (Bill Clinton), dancers, artists. There are fluctuating energies here, some days, they feel they can conquer the world. Others… they don’t dare move a muscle. This also depends on planetary aspects and houses. I know I can definitely see two sides to an argument and take one side, then hop on the other side of the fence when new facts arise.

Men will express their marsian traits by being charming, attentive, supportive, romantic. It is said a woman with this placement will be attracted to a man with Libran traits.


Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is the Uranian rebel. Again there are a multitude of actors and singers here ( Trey Songz, Justin Timberlake, Alec Balwin, Marc Wahlberg, Jada Pinkett Smith,Sanaa Lathan). I’m pretty sure the “open relationship” status of Will and Jada Pinkett is more of Jada’s idea. Hugh Hefner is a star example of the expression of the male principle in Aquarius, a humanitarian polygamist style home dynamic in a rather large, and unique home. Mars in Aquarius natives will be rebels and free spirits, and buck the status quo consciously and express this in artistic ways. Revolutionizing existing dynamics and making up new or merging existing styles, like Pharrell Williams has done in Hip-hop for example. Natives tend to have a quirky temperament.

Men will express the Marsian principles by being unique, free spirited , artistic, and rebellious. Women with this placement tend to be attracted to men with Aquarian qualities and characteristics.

So it’s clear at least to me that having mars in an air sign is not as bad as it’s made out to be. Just the strengths inherent with the placement need to be cultivated and utilized then expressed.


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  1. ”Men will display their marsian energies by being witty wordsmiths, story tellers, giving out double meanings and blirting out sexual innuendos”.

    This woman too.

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