Mars in Libra: Let’s do it together.


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Mars in Libra is in Mars detriment. So the hot and firey nature of Mars is replaced by a cool, calm, and collected air sign temperament. Mars in Libra wants to think things through before they’re done. Saturn gives Mars cause to pause, and Libra being ruled by Venus gives Mars a shiny veneer. You may not even know you’re being worked over by Mars in Libra because the charm is on. This can be  dangerous because you may not know you’re being set up for a sneak attack (as opposed to a head on collision with Mars in Aries). They may deny any malicious intent at all. Mars here is a chess player, and  will rarely be callous in pursuit of something.

Creating harmony is something they may excel at. Like singer and composer Barry White who has classic love ballads. John Lennon who sang for peace. R. Kelly who sings about sex. Natalie Cole with songs like “Inseparable”. These are Mars in Libra themes. Working to create beauty. Taurus represents the material world so this isn’t in the same sense as Taurus. Mars in Taurus will work towards/for tangible beauty and fulfilling the senses.


Mars in Libra natives Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton

 Fight for justice

Libra is an air sign so this works on a cerebral level. So making music, playing and writing music. Abstract concepts such as peace, justice, and the legal system are what Mars in Libra will work for. Because air signs are considered “civilized” signs. Rarely will the fight become physical. It will take the form of protesting and working to get laws changed. Mars in Libra is the placement of the lawyer.

Pictured left is South African activist, lawyer, and president Nelson Mandela. Along side him is American lawyer, governor, and president Bill Clinton. Both were of very different backgrounds, yet saw something that seemed unjust, analyzed it objectively, and acted to correct it. Libra is a “we” sign so natives naturally want to work with people as opposed to work against them. They look for commonalities that help them relate and will focus on those things.


Mars in Libra : 12.8.13 -7.25.14

Mars makes it’s way into the sign of it’s detriment, Libra.  This is when Mars wants to chill out after working it’s butt off  tirelessly in Virgo. Libra rules over peace, companionship, business, and deals. Ruled by Venus , exalted by Saturn , it wants to take the tactful approach to get goals accomplished. During this period of time look for alliance building and destroying move to the forefront. Business partnerships shattered, allies lost. Mars in Libra likes to work towards partnerships and agreements. But with so much energy geared towards that, the destructive Mars energy also is focused there equally as much.

Mars will either help your agreements, contracts, and   marriages springboard forward; or make them so intense and combative that they crash and burn. Mars in Libra brings heat to the lower back, and kidneys . So take care of your kidneys especially if you are a Libra or Libra asc. This transit also creates hormone imbalances as Mars’ masculine energy is dialed back in Libra.

Mars in Libra =”heated debate”, Expect argumentativeness to increase. Libra loves to debate, with Mars as the fuel, the debates should become pretty spirited. But be careful not to go overboard. Mars in it’s detriment means we must take extra care around sharp objects and weapons. Accidents are more likely with knives under this transit. If you have firearms make sure to keep them clean and good to go. So try to keep your hands to yourself during the debates!!


Active “cuffing” and courting season.

Mars in Libra wants to unitewith another soul. So this winter and spring time leading into summer will be highly active in that regard even with the Cardinal crisis coming up.

Mars RX

Mars will go retrograde March 1st 2014 May 19th 2014. This is when Mars energy goes inward and pretty much stays there. So energy, initiative is inward fovused and tends to be self-destructive. However Mars is in a weakened state under Libra so the ill effects are not as significant.

Cardinal crisis

Mars in Libra form a kite along with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Cancer.  For better or worse, all cardinal oriented facets of life (yourself, partnerships,career, and family) will be affected. New directions will be forged. So if your ascendant or Sun is in a cardinal sign it would be best to check your chart out and see what is being influenced. Or sign up on the Forums and upload your chart. Or you can contact me for a reading. But it would be beneficial to find out.

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Where is your Mars?


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