Mars in water signs

Mars in the water signs |

Mars in water signs

Mars in Cancer “Home defense”

Mars in Cancer ( Cardinal Water) is in Mars’ fall. Mars is out going and Cancer is in going. Energy and actions taken will depend largely on comfort zone and the moon’s current transits (Moon cycle). Not comfortable being directly aggressive or assertive Mars here can be passive aggressive.  Emotionally driven actions. When a Mars in Cancer’s home, loved ones, or family is threatened they will go great lengths to protect them. Mars in Cancer will test out waters and if the water is a comfortable temperature that is when the Mars in Cancer will move forward.

  • Motivated by family
  • Motivated by opportunities to nurture
  • Aroused by femininity

Mars in Scorpio ” Silent assassin”

Mars in Scorpio (Fixed Water) is in Mars’ domicile. Mars in Scorpio when engaged will work towards something with dedication and willpower. Because Scorpio is a feminine water sign, Mars in Scorpio natives aren’t quick to reveal motives or their weapons. You may never know their intentions until they are angered and unleash their temper on you. Scorpio rules the sexual reproductive organs so anything that engages them will attract a Mars in Scorpio native.  But not just any old person, Scorpio craves intimacy.

  • Motivated by prospective change
  • Motivated by power and money
  • Motivated by sexual gratification
  • Aroused by intensity

Mars in Pisces “The disciple”

Mars in Pisces (mutable water) is not particularly well placed. Pisces deals with the post 3D realm, the spirit world. Mars is action oriented and Pisces is about dreams and dissolution into the whole. Mars in Pisces is not particularly self motivated or assertive. However they will put tireless energy into an ideal, or idealistic cause. Anything relating to helping the sick, incarcerated, very young, very old, animals are things that Mars in Pisces will fight for.  Mars in Pisces needs their sleep moreso than many of the other signs to retain their health and strength. The ideals may also translate into art. Acting, music are outlets where Mars in Pisces can step out of themselves and pretend to be someone else, or create sounds that allow them to step out of the messiness of day to day life.

  • Motivated by ideals, dreams
  • Motivated by religion
  • Motivated by opportunities to nurture and heal
  • Aroused by opportunities to escape

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