Why men may mistreat women.

Ravens runningback Ray Rice
Former NFL player Darren Sharper


Why do men mistreat women? I thought this was a good time for this type of article with the news of former NFL player Darren Sharper , and current Baltimore Ravens runningback  Ray Rice. If you’ve been following the news Darren Sharper has been accused of multiple rapes. Ray Rice is being accused of throwing an uppercut at his fiance and then dragging her, which was caught on surveillance camera. Some will say, well these guys are football players and their testosterone is high, and they’re taught to be aggressive. This is true, but then why aren’t more players behaving this way.  I’m also not talking about situations where men are defending themselves from abusive women. I’m talking strictly about men abusing control,  power, and influence over women from an astrological standpoint. What drives men to behave this way. It really fundamentally comes down to weak/afflicted Moons. and weak/afflicted Venus’s.


Ray Rice

ray riceRay Rice’s  chart has what I believe to be an afflicted Moon ( Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto). The Moon in a man’s chart is what he sees as his ideal wife.I don’t have a birth time for him. But based on the news reports and the nature of the event, I will assume. Moon in Scorpio (fall) conjunct Pluto indicates there is a strong control complex. Emotions are strong but held in check until they boil over. The mother may be very demanding and controlling and that’s his approach in dealing with  his ideal woman.  The reason this turns into physical violence is because his Moon sign’s ruler,  Mars, is in Aries in my opinion. The emotions spill over into action. So just know that if your prospective boyfriend/friend/husband has Moon in Scorpio and/or Moon afflicted by Pluto, there may be some serious manipulation and control plays you will have to contend with.

Venus is another vitally  important placement for a man. It’s what kind of woman he is attracted to sexually and his approach to sex. Ray Rice’s Venus in Sagittarius is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus conjunct Saturn tends to be a sadist placement in a man’s chart. In fact, the word sadist comes from French politician Marquis De Sade’s name, who himself had Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer . This indicates a kind of cold and calculated approach to relationships. Cost/reward analysis in relationships. Withholding affection, affection which is transmuted into working. Saturn also is restriction, so there is a proclivity towards punishment of those who break his rules. Since Venus deals with women, women receive the rules, and the punishment for breaking them.

So all in all, Ray Rice has a weak and afflicted Moon sign, and Venus is conjunct malefic Saturn. These really damper his relations with women. These are just viewpoints and energies that he was born with. They may have nothing to do with what women in his life actually do aside from his initial relationship with his mother.

Darren Sharper

darren sharper

Darren Sharper’s chart presents different issues. This is another man with Scorpio placements (Moon in Scorpio again).  The big one here though is Mars in Cancer square Venus and Pluto.  He has trouble approaching women in an even keeled way. Emotions are high strung and ready to boil over any second. Mars square Venus indicates sexual frustration which may turn to violence. Mars square Pluto indicates a volcanic temper and battling against authority and any resistance to personal aspirations. I believe evidence will show him to be guilty.  Saturn passed over his Moon and Sun recently so past transgressions that have accumulated have to be dealt with now.  We’re dealing with Venus again which is sex.

His Moon is afflicted by Saturn in Leo. Moon square Saturn indicates a man wanting to emote, but feels anxiety and discomfort when a time calls for emotions.  This may stem from a strict mother, who withheld the nurturing support that he needed as a child (or a perception of this).  He likely withholds and even dislikes emotions and nurturing from a wife or girlfriend but really needs it. And this can manifest as cruelty, after stewing below the surface unnoticed.

Once more we’re dealing with Moon and Venus aspected by malefics.

Two famous individuals who also have afflicted/weak Moon’s and Venus’s are Jovan Belcher  and Oscar Pistorious, both men who allegedly killed their wives/significant others. You can find both of those articles elsewhere on site.

*Note: These placements are not CAUSAL factors in men’s actions towards women. They are placements and aspects that make it easier, given the right environment, allow these feelings and actions manifest. They are “lenses” by which individuals view certain aspects of life.


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