Mercury Rx in Sagittarius: Why your holiday may become a hellday.

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Mercury Rx in Sagittarius: Why your holiday may become a hellday. 1

So it’s that time of the year again, when Mercury makes it’s feared slip back into retrograde motion . November 23rd to December 13th with effects being felt as early as a week before it’s “official” slow down. The period when arguments break out due to miscommunication, when you miss your show because the signal from your satellite dish breaks for an hour. Maybe you lose your cellphone. Any number of things happens during this period which leaves people frustrated and irritated. This  retrograde period though Mercury slows down in Sagittarius, and right before a major holiday. What will happen?


Since Mercury will be in the sign of long distance travel it doesn’t necessarily bode well for those who are using airlines to get to their destinations for thanksgiving. Expect major delays on top of the already mad rush at the airports this week. So if possible leave  earlier  than you would normally leave . This goes for those traveling by other means such as rail or automobile as well. Local travel is a Mercury issue at it’s core so both long and short distance travel will be effected adversely since it’s placed in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is a planet concerned with wide sweeping ideas and seeing the whole forest and not the trees so to speak. This indicates the nature of the miscommunication during this period is more dangerous because the problems raised will be due to missing details or missing key details. This is why people who are air traffic controllers for example, will need to be alert and aware of this. Train conductors , bus drivers , and so on as well.
As for interpersonal communications, make sure you mean what you say but say what you mean. Sagittarius is know for getting the point across, just make sure it’s really what you want to say.

Thankfully Jupiter is the planet of benevolence and Luck so we may see mishaps be avoided due to seemingly miraculous forces. so if you bare witness to any close calls there is a great chance Jupiter was involved.

Reminder: Thanksgiving 2011 there will be a new moon in Scorpio.


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