Mercury in Taurus goes retrograde 2016

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Mercury will be going retrograde at 23 degrees Taurus on April 28th, 2016 at 1:20 pm est until May 22nd, 2016. For a background on Mercury retrograde in general check out The misunderstood Mercury retrograde .

Mercury in Taurus in retrograde

Did you ever misplace something of utility that you need immediately and you’re 100% positive you put it somewhere and refuse to believe it could be anywhere else, yet find out that it actually was not in that place? That’s what Mercury in Taurus asks us to do. Be careful where we place what we need to use that has practical value, especially over the long term. Nothing is worse than losing something or someone who is of great value to you.

Since we’re dealing with Mercury in an earth sign, while we are building whatever we’re building , we must make sure that we build it with all the pieces, and follow all of the steps. Taurus rules architecture, and if an architect creates the blueprint and model for a 100 story skyscraper, and forgets to incorporate critical details, the entire project will not work out. We want all of our personal skyscrapers to work out. Taurus has the creative spark and the will power to see a project through until the end.  Just watch for those critical errors that will effect long term pragmatic goals due to critical errors.

Let your voice be heard

Taurus rules over the throat, with Mercury going Rx, another angle to look at this is to make sure you’re saying what you mean. And don’t stay silent which is the tendency during retrogrades. If you sing, sing.


Notable transit is Mercury Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn which will be in aspect for the entirety of this retrograde.  Obsessive thoughts about being correct, concentration, and will power. Thinking about what we are doing in a more deep, profound way. Which in my opinion will offset some of the negative haphazard thinking and communicating traits of Mercury Rx. I don’t think Mercury in retrograde has as many potential pitfalls in Taurus because of Taurus’s careful methodical nature.


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