Mercury on it’s throne.


Djehuty (also known as Thuti and Thutii) is the Kemetic God of knowledge, communication, writing, and is associated with the moon. It is this God that was eventually transferred into Hermes of the Greeks and Mercury of the Romans.



4:02:38 PM EST Mercury sits on It’s THRONE in GEMINI!!! DIGNIFIED!!! Joining the Moon and the Sun in it’s Home! B.I.G.! (Brilliantly Inspiring Genius )


A Mercury Return in astrology is when the moment that transiting Mercury is exactly conjunct the position of Mercury in the natal chart. This occurs about four times a year for an individual or approximately every 88 days. The Mercury return horoscope is concerned with the processes of learning and thinking during the period in question, i.e. all Mercurial themes. Mercury Returns bring vital information that you want or need, as wel as new ideas, greater focus, and meetings with important people. It is a good time for study, reading books, writing of all kinds, and letting one’s thoughts be known, thus speaking one’s mind.



The Astrological Symbol for the Planet Mercury. Mercury has Dual Rulership over the signs Gemini ♊ and Virgo ♍ . In a person’s natal chart it represents how they think, learn, process information, communicate it and problem solve. Mercury governs the mind, thought process, ideas, all forms of communication and information, learning and is associated with quick trips, errands, mail, calls, messages, books, letters, magizines, blogs, contracts,neighborhoods, paper, relatives in general, speaking, intelligence, the arms, lungs, shoulders, collar bone, fingers, and nervous system. As well as physical coordination and decision making. In regards to siblings it it especially the younger sisters and brothers.


As Mercury rules mental matters, communication and movement, it will accentuate whatever meaning and aspects Mercury already has in the natal chart. For example, a Mercury Return may show the birth of new ideas, a trip or an important message. Learning and communication are represented by Mercury. The way you express thoughts and ideas is also symbolized by the placement of Mercury in your chart.

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Hermes Trismegistus another version of Mercury or T’Huti is seen here with the Sun and Moon before him. The Sun and Moon are in Gemini now and thus with Mercury returning to its home the Sun will give life,light and vitality to Mercrurial matters, making them be present and up front and the Moon will bring dark Mercurial Matters into the Light. Commucation with Lovers, Children, Family, ones Mother or expressing ones love and emotions is paramount at this time.


With Mercury also returning to its HOME in the sign of GEMINI today it is that much more powerful, as well it will conjunct the Sun and Moon both just off a Eclispe and thus   these matters of communication thought processes, learning, absorbing and disseminating information, matters dealing with your siblings, relatives and neighbors will be coupled with one’s emotions, family, domestic situations, children, creativity, romance and self identity will all be important. Especially if Gemini is at one of the Cardinal Angles in one’s Natal Chart or by Progress.


Especially in  communication strengths as well as matters involving younger siblings, relatives, younger people that you respect and respect you and neighbors. Find out where you have mercury at in your chart and the House and Sign will add more “flavor” to what is to be learned, communicated, etc.




Mercury on its Throne or @Home, is all about Talk Talk, Talk, Think Think Think, Move Move Move, and this makes communication, writing, thinking, learning and dealing with one’s siblings, relatives and neighbors a whole lot easier. However one may find during this time it is not easy to sit still.

Now again Mercury is Dignified or on it’s Throne in Gemini, and what is meant by a Dignified or Dignity, is a  Planet that rules the sign it is in. It is made Stronger when it its HOME or on its THRONE. Dignity Indicates a control of circumstances for a planet in a sign it rules. Here it most freely, naturally and powerfully expresses its energy; and, if a personal planet, is a dominant force in the whole chart. In classical astrology, Mercury is dignified in Gemini, the sign it rules. A Dignified Mercury has the speediest of minds, running a zigzag path through the world of ideas. Mercury is the messenger in Gemini, always in the social mix, hungry for the stimulation of new people, situations, news, colorful sights and culture. Those with this Mercury always have the mental wheels spinning. They are swift absorbers of information, and holders of encyclopedic knowledge on an infinite variety of topics.


Mercury Dignified is enamored with all knowledge, down to the smallest notion. They’re intellectual sifters and searchers, always looking for the gems that connect two ideas. Mercury in Gemini always will tap into the minds of others, and exchange what each knows through conversation.They are happiest in verbal, fast-paced environments, with a passing parade of new people to learn from.


It is said that Mercury is a magician in Gemini, juggling all it takes in, and often presenting that back into the world through writing, the arts or music. Being conduits of culture comes naturally, and like Paul McCartney has said of his prolific songwriting, just something they have to do. They’re lifelong learners, and rarely bored, since there are always new things to discover in life. Mercury here may be called a Jack Of All , Multi-Tasker or Dilettante, because it promotes happy dabbling in many areas. This Mercury always has a new idea, thought, word, or fascination to share, but can prefer to skim the surface to plunging the depths of a topic or be two-faced or whimsical. This allows Mercury to maintain a sense of forward motion or of being a Dualist. Quick, ingenious, clever, inventive ,  resourceful minded, and perceptive, mercury is certainly at its best in Gemini.  Information fuels those with mercury at home, and they have a bright and curious brain which is a storehouse of bits and pieces of data, some trival and some useful. It’s all stored in their memory files, ready to use whenever they need. They are quick studies, quick thinkers and quick witted.



The Dark Side of Mercury ☿ in Gemini ♊ is the Gossip Monger, and two-faced-ness

A Dignified Mercurial character can have a dark side, lets not forget Mercury is also the Trickster and often makes snap judgements based on superficial information. When the trickster has hidden motives, the brilliance there is put to use in destructive ways. It’s a Mercury prone to playing mind games, and when angry, using words and wit as pointy weapons. A bored Mercury in Gemini will stir up drama, just to make things more interesting. They can be the worst gossips at work or in the ‘hood.  When this Mercury is idle, without a creative channel, it can be the devil’s workshop.


Mercury in Gemini is gifted in many ways. It is the Great Communicator in when on its THRONE in GEMINI. They shine in social situations, because they’re genuinely curious about everyone at the party. It’s easy for them to mingle, and engage with each new person they meet. They’ve got a twinkle in the eye that attracts, are quick to laugh, and have an instinct for lightening things up with humor.

Mercury in Geimini is the GREAT COMMUNICATOR aspect and Ronald Reagan the 40th President of the United States was called the Great Communicator . Most Astrological Charts put his AC as Cancer however according to my Cozmophyzical research he is a Gemini Rising, putting Pisces in the 10th and Mercury in the 8th Place of Capricorn, thus he was a Great Communicator, Actor and Liar as well. For Gemini’s have Pisces in the place of “Achievment, Ambition, Success, and Reputation, and thus the dark side to that is they have the potiental to be the greatest liars or most compassionate and inspirational speakers.



Mercury Transiting Gemini is a excellent time for writing, especially about the matters of the House where Mercury and Gemini Rest. Easy aspects to Mercury will allow a easy flow or benefit via some work being put in. Challenges aspect to Mercury will illuminate a some matters that need to be addressed and best via the corridor leading to Mercury and Mercurial things. Such challenges are best handled with thinking and multiple ways of addressing the situations and multiple alternatives and solutions. Plus on a lower vibration Mercury represents such crimes dealing with trickery and theft so be aware of Con Artist, Swindlers, Liars, Thieves especially in the guise of salesmen, communicators, teachers, and the like.



Lastly, Get your writing on! Express your feelings about what’s been on your mind via positive outlets like poetry, reaching out to relatives and siblings by phone, letter or email. Give new ideas some serious thought and take the time to write them down, record them so forth. Love, Light and Liberty everyone!!! B.I.G. (Brilliantly Inspiring Genius) ~EvR~



In Roman and Greek Mythology, the most famous versions of Mercury Myths, he is the messenger of the Gods and moves swiftly with his winged helmet, and sandals. He carries the Caduceus with him and is known for his pranks, and quick wits.

Speak your mind !