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Kobe Bryant subs out vs the Washington Wizards
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Since the Lakers got swept recently, questions have been sqirling around about Kobe, has he lost it, why didn’t he do more, what would Jordan have done?
This has been a comparison that has been brought up for at least 10 years. Who is the better player, who has the most heart etc. Some say Kobe quits sometimes in games whereas Jordan never quit.

Lets look at some of the indicators and aspects in their charts that indicate either’s will and drive to be spectacular.

Elementally speaking, Kobe is very earthy and dispassionate, with earth and air dominating. Jordan has a strong fire and air presence.

Sun conjunct Saturn: Both of them have/had a strong work ethic and dedication to the sport. Kobe’s Sun conjuncts Saturn in Virgo and Jordan’s conjunct in Aquarius.

Kobe Bryant‘s Venus, Mars, and Pluto conjunct in Libra: While Libra isn’t particularly well placed in Mars or Pluto, combined it indicates a strong will that can be obsessive, this is the kind of tenacity one would look for in a leader or a star athlete.

Jordan’s Mars Leo opposite Saturn: Mars Leo indicates the heart of a Lion in a professional athlete. Accolades mean everything and when their reputation is put under a microscope. Cruiser and Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has this placement as well just to illustrate the point. Most of the time they would rather die trying to save their pride than willingly throw in the towel. Mars in Leo (self) opposite Saturn in Aquarius (humanity or in this case all the players in the NBA) indicates that Jordan constantly evaluated himself against what all the other players in the league were doing and wasn’t satisfied until it was acknowledged that he was the best. This indicates harsh self criticism and self doubt.

Kobe’s Moon Trine Saturn : Composure under fire and able to operate with sense in crunch time.

MJ’s Mars trine Moon: Passions and aggression closely tied to emotional responses. You get hit and it becomes a powerful motivator.

MJ’s Moon sextile Saturn: That same cool collection needed in crunch time that Kobe has, MJ has . Saturn again taming emotions into more practical and sensical responses.

Both are most likely the top NBA players in the history of the game
When you take into account the variables, eras, Jordan having Scottie Pippen etc. Kobe having Shaq , it becomes harder to to really distinguish who is the better player.

On paper however it’s clear to me that in terms of relentlessness, willpower, and fortitude to win and dominate, Michael wins.

What about you, what are your thoughts.

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