The misunderstood Mercury retrograde.



Retrograde is a phenomenon where a planet’s travel through it’s orbit slows down to a point where it doesn’t look like it’s even moving.  When the planet Mercury does this, it brings fear and tension with it because of the importance Mercury has on our everyday lives. Mercury deals with communication , communications technology, and short travel. So people freak out and believe that their hard drives are bound to crash, a fight over a  misunderstood phone conversation will, and a plethora of other issues will crop up. This is where manifest destiny can come into play. And that’s not what we want to do. How does Mercury RX differ natally compared to the transit? Let me tell you.


Natal Mercury Retrograde

Those with natal Mercury retrograde deal with ideas and expression quite differently than Mercury direct natives. Mercury retrograde natives take material and volley it around internally analyzing it from different points of view many times over, because in their “past life” they may not have been heard or been able to express themselves in a fashion where others would listen to them. So now they want to be concrete and certain in what they say, and say it with authority so that it will resonate and stick in the mind of whoever happens to be the audience. They want to fully understand anything they absorb at a deep level. As opposed to a skilled spokesman, newsman  (Gemini’s realm) that simply acts as a conduit and relays information.  Mercury wants to pass the word along in a straightforward and clear fashion, Mercury in debility will use hyperbole. Mercury retrograde wants to get down to the etymology, origin, context of the word before they relay the message.

My thinking is that many Mercury retrograde people get placed into special education classes or otherwise marked as having some sort of disability. When in reality what is needed is more time to focus on one subject.


Transiting Mercury Retrograde

Transiting Mercury retrograde asks Mercury direct natives to approach life like the Mercury retrograde native does naturally. If information isn’t looked at from multiple angles and fully understood, it leaves room for a lot of errors. That  controversial tweet? Think twice before you hit send, same goes for that Facebook status update or whatever  medium you’re using to get your message out. Same goes with that contract you signed, or that verbal agreement made. Matter of fact, no verbal agreements should be made during Mercury RX.  Some points to focus on :

  • Read carefully and double check everything (Check before you hit send)
  • Make sure decisions are made with a sound, clear mind.
  • If unsure, wait.

A secondary aspect of Mercury retrograde to watch out for is traveling delays and electronic malfunctions. There is an uptick of of rail accidents especially during this time. Use your judgement if you hear anything concrete about some mechanical trouble with a train, plane, or automobile you may be a passenger in.

Bottom line is relax and take your time.

You’re never going to avoid all problems but many of these pitfalls can easily be avoided. Proper preparation will protect you not paranoia.


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