Month of revelations, Mercury RX in Scorpio, Aries Blood Moon




Mercury went into Retrograde 2 degrees October 4th  in the sign of Scorpio, and will be retrograde until October 26th. Indicating that if you haven’t been careful, many secrets would be revealed. This is especially true for Scorpios and those with Mercury in Scorpio in the 1st decan.  Any indiscretions or things  you shouldn’t have communicated are likely to be dredged up. Scorpio is the sign of purging. Facing the ugly so it can be identified and annihilated.

We just saw 7th heaven star, Stephen Collins’ name in the media today due to allegations of child molestation. Mercury is 1 degree retrograde and his natal Mercury is in 0 degrees Scorpio. Better double check that message, or letter two or even three times before you hit send. And better watch what you say or do. Mercury is how we interface with the world. All those interactions will reveal themselves if they are in fact, wrong actions.

So if you have anything that you think needs to be erased or deleted that you sent out via internet or electronic means, here is the time to get rid of it.

Of course we can’t forget the usual Mercury mishaps. The modem or router dying, smartphone battery dying, family member misinterpreting what you told them resulting in an argument. Travel delays, flight cancellations also.

 Blood Moon

October 8th 6:50am EST there will be a total Lunar eclipse. This eclipse will be asking you if you’re addressing your own issues. Opposing Libra, Aries is self motivated and self referential, so there is a pull now to break up unions and pull away to address your own needs.

Eclipses are believed to effect a period a time after they occur. Almost like a solar return chart for an individual. So through the winter or summer depending on where you are in the world, utilize the self starter energy you  may not have. Use the courage to do something you never did but thought of doing. For Aries natives, this is a restless time, but you’re direct sign, your intuition is probably right.  If you’re getting the urge to break up, or move etc, it’s probably the right move.

What happens when these forces combine?

Scenario; you’re sitting home on the couch and all of the sudden a stream of texts comes, followed by an explicit pic. You don’t recognize this person (or maybe you do) and then your spouse’s name is mentioned in the text before the X rated pic pops up.



After this indiscretion is discovered a fight follows. But this time the fallout is much worse, it’s the straw that broke the camels back. Because  you discover a pandora’s box of MORE cheating evidence. It’s over. The breakup is harsh but you look in the mirror, and say “you know what? I’m going to do me, I’m going to do what I need to do.” And then you start searching for new places to live, new jobs, new hobbies.  You totally change the direction of your life based on that incident.

It’s not going to be nearly that extreme for most people. But I’m trying to highlight the unseen  machinations of the stars. And how the energies ebb and flow in certain time frames.

Take the available knowledge and use it to the best of your ability. You know this is a period where communication mishaps are likely. Tighten up. Evaluate yourself and needs. It’s not being selfish, use the energies being provided.

Good Luck


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