Moon in air signs



Moon in airMoon in air signs are a bit different than the other moon signs. Because all of the other elements have some emotionalism within them. But air signs are anti-emotionalism completely. So the Moon here functions on a more social, intellectual level. That’s where these natives are fed, and feel most at home.

 Moon in air signs

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini goes through a wide array of “emotions” due to the mutable nature of Mercury. When upset these  natives may rant. They want to talk their feelings out. As a personal sign , Moon in Gemini will rant from a subjective perspective. Not necessarily concerned about what the listener thinks, or even if they’re really listening at all.  This native is at most comfort when there is an audience for their thoughts. Gemini wants listeners. This is the sign of the orator. Ignoring a lunar Gemini is just as bad as being assaulted.Since the Moon is the unconscious mind, the need to speak isn’t really an active pursuit, but something that just happens. Susceptible to respiratory illnesses due to stress and frayed nerves.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra is a more natural placement for the Moon as the Venus rules Libra. Moon in Libra wants to relate on a one on one basis. The native is comfortable in small groups and being together in a pair. It’s not however, on a deep emotional level consistent traditional lunar characteristics. It’s an intellectual , cerebral way of relating. The Moon in Libra is prone to start debates , and to argue when not really called for. Libra is a Cardinal air sign though so at it’s core, Libra wants to move forward. So when bored an argument or “debate” may start. Being alone may actually make this native uncomfortable at some level. Poor care for the Moon’s needs will effect Kidney health, and lower back.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius is an interesting moon.  As a universal sign Aquarius is interested in the whole. So Aquarius “feels” for humanity in an abstract way. Usually the emoting, affection is channeled into sometime of art form, or activism.  Aquarius Moons because of this inclination to relate to an abstract humanity feel isolated or “odd” . unable to relate to people on a more personal level. Aquarius Moons feel most comfortable in the crowd, or as a part in a greater whole. Confrontation especially in emotional instances send these natives into retreat. Aquarius doesn’t want to wade through mucky emotions and as a “civilized” universal air sign, would rather avoid conflict and scenes if possible. If stressed the Moon here can effect nerves and eyes.


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