Moon in earth signs



Moon in earth signs are  “grounded” placements. In touch with their immediate environment, the 5 senses, and practical material needs. When the Moon is earth signs, the native has physical and material needs to be “nourished”, and to be comfortable.
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Moon in Taurus

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. The Moon is comfortable there, because Taurus is a Venus sign and  rules money and possessions, and sensual comforts. This is a stable Moon sign as a fixed sign.  Moon in Taurus wants to be surrounded by a comfortable environment, in comfortable clothes, and with good food. Sensual pleasures are nourishment for this placement. Don’t force them to change their routines and rituals because it will be met with resistance from the native. They can be very stubborn but are also committed. Can be possessive if their stability is threatened. Moon in Taurus likes to “own” things and this includes people as well. Emotions are channeled through a rationality filter. So the native is cool until there is something that is really bothering them.


Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo is constantly thinking and analyzing . As a mutable sign it’s a highly changeable placement . The native is nourished through working and helping others. Not necessarily in an empathetic way ( Earth element). But in a practical way, through service. Can suffer from digestive issues because of the amount of things that get on their “nerves”. Moon in Virgo may be very picky about their food intake, doesn’t necessarily mean they will choose healthy foods however. This native will analyze their feelings , obsess, and fuss. Not really emote in the water sign sense but just talk their emotions out or expend a kind of “nervous” energy by cleaning or working..

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn is in the Moon’s detriment. The opposite of Cancer, Capricorn is about working towards goals, usually career goals. The focus on work may be at the expense of proper nourishment and sharing affection. This is what the Moon in Capricorn wants to do though. Working and handling business are important, all the other stuff can wait. Ruled by Saturn there may be a severe restriction on what the native eats. They may follow a strict, rigid diet. This is likely someone you could call emotionally “chilly” . Not one to get emotional but filters things through that earth element practicality filter. Saturn also indicates there may be a delay, or it can take a long time for the native to really open up emotionally.

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