Moon in Taurus


Moon is well placed in Taurus, as it is ruled by Venus. This placement is good natured , with a sharp artistic sense. Being an earth sign, tangible items and an environment of pleasure are something the native will appreciate. Their sensual nature lends to a social being and usually the native is a gifted speaker, singer, or dancer.

Very pragmatic and steady, stability is a must. Being a fixed sign, changes are seen as a threat and can upset the unconscious of this native. Also this native can be highly possessive. These individuals have much pride.

People with Moon in Taurus: Cameron Diaz, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Courtney Love, Drew Barrymore.



  1. As a Moon in Taurus, thanks for the article.  Stability is indeed, super important to me, and yep–changes can throw me for a loop all right.  But possessive?  Who, me?! ;P

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