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Moon signs
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Moon signs

The moon… the planet and celestial light that represents our innermost subconscious thoughts. Our instincts. The moon in the 12 zodiac signs represents the different ways we process emotions and the ways we respond. Different modalities and elements result in different emotional temperaments and the signs represent the how.

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What is my moon sign? Moon sign calculator

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Once there, enter your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, and your moon sign will be revealed once you pick a readout. This site has the best and simplest moon sign calculator. If you do not know your time of birth the moon degree will not be accurate, but your moon sign likely will be.

Moon in the fire signs

Your Moon sign is indicative of how you nurture yourself, and how you process your environment. Moon in fire signs react instantly to an environment and processes quickly, rushing to judgement for better or worse. Since the fire signs are ego centered the Moon signs here tend to be on the selfish side.


Moon in Aries

The Moon in Aries gives the native quick fight and flight impulses in response to a situation. As a personal sign and the first sign, Aries can be quick to anger for seemingly childish reasons to other lunar signs especially the earth and air signs.If bored, an Aries Moon will say so, they want to constantly move forward.  Aries Moon is thinking “me first” and “I want it my way”. Moon in Aries is most comfortable when things are going their way, especially in an activity like a recreational sport. Losing hurts the Aries Moon’s self-esteem. Aries Moon when in an argument they are losing, may show the horns of the ram and begin to get louder and more belligerent as opposed to using reason. The anger here isn’t calculated or malicious really, it’s just on a short fuse. At the end of the day this is a position of someone quick to act in response to a situation, and if this energy is deprived of release in some way it will affect the native’s health adversely. The native wants a partner who is a go-getter. The native’s impulse will be to spring into action as opposed to deliberate.


Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo native wants to be recognized and acknowledged most of all. This is their “food”.  Doing something great and receiving the due accolades for whatever it is. This is a more ego-centered Moon than the other two signs ( Sun rules Leo) .  As a fixed sign it’s more stable and seeks stability by being the center or foundation and have others revolve around them ( like the planets around the Sun). Also as a fixed sign loyalty is very important and the loyalty will be returned. If embarrassed the Leo may take an especially long time to lick its wounds and recover. They will do so more quietly than the Leo sun native.  The Leo moon sign is slower to anger than Aries, and more stable than Sagittarius. Don’t show them up though, their self-esteem will be hurt and a wounded Lion can be very dangerous. Let them shine. They seek a spouse they can be proud of, someone who they can show off.


Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius native is going to be most at home in foreign surroundings and around different types of people. They may feel most at home when they leave their parent’s home or even move to a foreign country. Their spouse may be of a completely different race.religion, or ethnicity. Moon in Sagittarius needs the freedom to explore these options. This is a healthy curiosity that feeds them. If that passion is stifled, ill health will result. As a mutable sign this Moon has an especially hard time with boredom since Sagittarius’ nature is to explore and learn. Questioning their judgment or criticizing their beliefs or intellect will hurt them more so than a personal attack. The Moon in Sagittarius native wants a partner who is interesting, someone they can learn from, and fun to be around that supports their passions.


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Moon in water signs

Moon in water signs have strong instincts and heightened intuition. Think of it as a built-in solar that is constantly scanning and picking up information. This heightened alert system also makes them sensitive to environments and prone to burning out.  Here are descriptions for the 3 water moon signs.


Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer is domicile, the Moon’s natural placement. This indicates that the native has a strong emotional nature that feels most comfortable with familiar surroundings around familiar people. There is a keen sense of other people’s moods and needs. The Cancer moon sign is the archetypal “mother” sign after all. As a personal sign the emotions are most influenced when something happens to them personally or to someone they know personally. There isn’t necessarily huge empathy or concern for an abstract “mass” as with Pisces (we’ll get that).  Cancer is a starch and sugar lover so much like Moon in Taurus, Moon in Cancer will indulge themselves, sometimes way too much. Because of this they may gain weight around the mid-section. A Cancer moon sign can be cagey and reserved mostly as a defense mechanism until comfortable. Can be too attached to the family and the home. Can also be overly defensive and take things too personally.

Famous Moon in Cancers: Ed Harris, Drake, Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara, Mos Def, Taylor Swift, Ray Lewis, Keanu Reeves, Gwen Stefani, Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, Sean Penn, Jimmy Page, Kris Jenner, Harrison Ford.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio in the moon’s fall, since it’s a Mars sign. It is more emotionally stable than the other water signs because it’s a fixed sign. However, these natives can lose it and explode after working hard to keep emotions in check and staying calm. Scorpio moons are fed through sexual fulfillment and control. There is a need to control environments and keep tabs on what is going on. If things aren’t accounted for this is when the Scorpio moon sign may become uneasy and more unstable. Cutting sarcasm or spitefulness will result if they are hurt or security is threatened. Can be affectionate but is selective. They are good at keeping a poker face.

Famous Moon in Scorpios: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruce Lee, Mariah Carey, Mitt Romney, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Jimmy Fallon.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces is fed through caring for humanity. This moon is extremely sensitive to the emotional temperature of an environment. The Pisces moon sign is susceptible to deep sorrow due to negative news and tragic grand scale world events. The Pisces moon sign very easily picks up the temperament of others and takes them in, which can adversely affect their health. Pisces also loves music and the ideals of love so music, poetry is soul food for them. Must make sure they stay grounded and get enough sleep to avoid confusion and disorientation. This is important too because they tend to have huge hearts that extend beyond self or family (Cancer) and extend to everyone. So if they aren’t grounded and thinking clearly they may be taken advantage of.

Famous Moon in Pisces: Michelle Obama, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kanye West, Martin Luther King Jr., Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, Paul Walker, Lawrence Fishbourne, Ciara, Usher.

What are your thoughts and experiences on these placements? Let me know below.

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Moon in the Earth signs

Moon in earth signs are  “grounded” placements. In touch with their immediate environment, the 5 senses, and practical material needs. When the Moon is earth signs, the native has physical and material needs to be “nourished”, and to be comfortable.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. The Moon is comfortable there because Taurus is a Venus sign and rules money and possessions, and sensual comforts. This is a stable Moon sign as a fixed sign.  The Taurus moon sign wants to be surrounded by a comfortable environment, in comfortable clothes, and with good food. Sensual pleasures are nourishment for this placement. Don’t force them to change their routines and rituals because it will be met with resistance from the native. They can be very stubborn but are also committed. Can be possessive if their stability is threatened. The Taurus moon sign likes to “own” things and this includes people as well. Emotions are channeled through a rationality filter. So the native is cool until there is something that is really bothering them.


Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo is constantly thinking and analyzing. As a mutable sign it’s a highly changeable placement. The native is nourished through working and helping others. Not necessarily in an empathetic way ( Earth element). But in a practical way, through service. Can suffer from digestive issues because of the number of things that get on their “nerves”. The Virgo moon sign may be very picky about their food intake, doesn’t necessarily mean they will choose healthy foods, however. This native will analyze their feelings, obsess, and fuss. Not really emote in the water sign sense but just talk their emotions out or expend a kind of “nervous” energy by cleaning or working in some way.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn is in the Moon’s detriment. The opposite of Cancer, Capricorn is about working towards goals, usually career goals. The focus on work may be at the expense of proper nourishment and sharing affection. This is what the Moon in Capricorn wants to do though. Working and handling business are important, all the other stuff can wait. Ruled by Saturn there may be a severe restriction on what the native eats. They may follow a strict, rigid diet. This is likely someone you could call emotionally “chilly” . Not one to get emotional but filters things through that earth element practicality filter. Saturn also indicates there may be a delay, or it can take a long time for the native to really open up emotionally.

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Moon in air signs

Moon in air signs are a bit different than the other moon signs. Because all of the other elements have some emotionalism within them. But air signs are anti-emotionalism completely. So the Moon here functions on a more social, intellectual level. That’s where these natives are fed, and feel most at home.

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini goes through a wide array of “emotions” due to the mutable nature of Mercury. When upset these natives may rant. They want to talk their feelings out. As a personal sign, Moon in Gemini will rant from a subjective perspective. Not necessarily concerned about what the listener thinks, or even if they’re really listening at all.  This native is at most comfort when there is an audience for their thoughts. Gemini wants listeners. This is the sign of the orator. Ignoring a lunar Gemini is just as bad as being assaulted. Since the Moon is the unconscious mind, the need to speak isn’t really an active pursuit, but something that just happens. Susceptible to respiratory illnesses due to stress and frayed nerves.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra is a more natural placement for the Moon as the Venus rules Libra. The moon in Libra wants to relate on a one on one basis. The native is comfortable in small groups and being together in a pair. It’s not, however, on a deep emotional level consistent traditional lunar characteristics. It’s an intellectual, cerebral way of relating. The Libra moon sign is prone to start debates and to argue when not really called for. Libra is a Cardinal air sign though so at it’s core, Libra wants to move forward. So when bored an argument or “debate” may start. Being alone may actually make this native uncomfortable at some level. Poor care for the Moon’s needs will effect Kidney health, and lower back.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius is an interesting moon.  As a universal sign Aquarius is interested in the whole. So Aquarius “feels” for humanity in an abstract way. Usually, the emoting, affection is channeled into some type of art form, or activism.  Aquarius Moons because of this inclination to relate to an abstract humanity feel isolated or “odd”. Unable to relate to people on a more personal level. Aquarius Moons feel most comfortable in the crowd, or as a part in a greater whole. Confrontation, especially in emotional instances, send these natives into retreat. The  Aquarius moon sign doesn’t want to wade through mucky emotions and as a “civilized” universal air sign, would rather avoid conflict and scenes if possible. If stressed the Moon here can affect nerves and eyes.

The moon sign is the yin to the Sun’s yang and in some sects of astrology the moon actually takes precedence over the Sun. So knowing your moon sign is important as is the rest of your chart. Check out the signs in the other planets :

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