Morals and inner-voice : Jupiter Sagittarius themes

Jupiter Sagittarius Themes

Morals and inner-voice : Jupiter Sagittarius themes

As we approach the final days of Sagittarius I wanted to share a story. A story that ties into Sagittarius and Jupiter themes. First off, Jupiter and Sagittarius themes come down to this – faith, and morals. Faith in yourself and that you can can get to where you want to despite obstacles. Morals, meaning you have a code, a set of standards that you stick to most of the time, no matter what they may be. The two go hand in hand. Faith is trusting that your moral judgement will lead you in the right direction.

Signs you may be compromising your morals and faith

On Twitter last week I said something about meeting a friend and it seemed as if they had a demon on them . I wanted to elaborate on that.

I met with a Libra friend last week. (I’ll refer to her as Libra.) We were in college at the same time, we had an accounting class and a couple of other classes together. I used to partner up with her all the time for class work We also have a mutual friend. She went on to become a private equity manager in NY after she graduated with a masters.

In college she looked much different, of course younger we all did. She seemed more “light” . When I met with her last week, she looked much different. She seemed very tired, eyes sunken, she said she was tired. She just went to a ball the night before, some big charity ball on a weekday night. It seemed like a cloud was around her though. I asked her how everything was going –she said things were great, she’s on track to move up a rung and is making great money. I said that was awesome. My intuition and water influence spider senses told me that everything wasn’t great though. I wanted to keep things light and not dive into all of that at the time .

As the night went on she began to talk about things she experienced in the company, competition with co-workers that she had to pretend to be friends with, subtle racism from bosses, doing things she felt were unscrupulous for the company. It was obvious to me that she hates what she does despite being good at it. I asked her why she didn’t do something else. Her father has certain expectations of her and wants her to be successful. I said that she could be successful at something else, just apply the same work ethic you did to get where you are now, to something else. She felt it was too late for her to start over in her 30’s, I asked her “what happens if you don’t start over though?” I know she wanted to vent.

This brings me to the moral dilemma of changing what you do, or staying the course. Do you continue to do what you hate for a check? Or do you step out on faith and change course not knowing what the path may be.

If you wake up and feel tired before work, do you feel the same lack of energy on a day off? You might be tired because your intuition is telling you to stop going there, Intuition could be telling you to stop compromising yourself and your morals. You ever been in a career or job where it seemed like your spirit was being eaten away day by day? Intuition.

I know things are hard and jobs that pay well are hard to come by. But also listen to your intuition and what it’s telling you. Don’t analyze the situation too deeply. Also ask yourself if you can do what you do now, on your own. Maybe you can utilize your skills in a freelance capacity,

I told Libra she could do what she does at a smaller firm, one without the headhunting massive corporate culture. She was open to it. Time will tell though. Sometimes good money silences our intuition.

The career did seem like it was taking a massive physical toll on her . That’s what I meant by it seemed like she had a demon on her. Her aura seemed different. Likely the combination of stress, not taking care of herself, doing something she hated.

Be conscious of your spirit and what it is telling you.


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