Most powerful moon of the year : full moon in Cancer


 Most powerful moon of the year: full moon in Cancer

Tomorrow on the 22nd of December, at 12:49 pm est  the full moon in Cancer will be at its peak. The moon is at home in Cancer and as a result, is the most potent full moon of the year.

This moon is about letting go of the safety of your nest, your surroundings, and following a practical path to reach goals. Set benchmarks… realistic benchmarks. This full moon is the planning phase, mapping phase of the year. But before plans can be hatched and mapped. One has to re-calibrate thinking patterns. This is where the moon side of the full moon is addressed.

Cancer deals with history. Your personal history, and the memories you’ve absorbed throughout your lifetime. With that comes scars and wounds — and fears.  Some that are simply fears of events that likely won’t reoccur, but bring about anxieties when similar situations are encountered. These fears can be conquered by first acknowledging them, then accepting the fact that they were not fatal wounds, but learning experiences.

Capricorn has similar anxieties that Cancer does, but Capricorn wants us to work through them step by step, slowly but surely. Doing so by focusing on benchmarks and not missteps and obstacles. This is how the goat builds the confidence to reach the peak of the mountain. Because after each benchmark  is reached, more and more mountain is behind them, even if there have been slips along the way. And soon, the distance to the top is shorter than the distance to the bottom. There is no turning back at that point. Once that peak is reached is when the goat has the  supreme confidence from that magnitude of accomplishment. Because if they did it once, they could do it again.

So with this in mind, pay attention to emotions and thoughts that are dredged up during this full moon. Because it is likely to be very emotional for some people. Pay attention to what fears and anxieties rear their head and make note of them, and then seek practical methods to work through them. And use benchmarks to track progress.

This part of the year as I always say, is not truly the new year. That would be March. But now while in the hibernation phase of the year, the big goals and steps you will take to accomplish those goals can be thought out and mapped out now.


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