Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting The Devil

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Outwitting the devil

Yesterday on Twitter I posted a thread full of quotes taken from Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the devil.  In this book Napoleon is having a conversation with the devil, and the devil is revealing the motivations behind how our society is set up.

The devil is giving up all of the secrets of the world to Napoleon, in series of questions and answers. I have my suspicions that the devil was either a mentor or simply using a rhetorical device. There are so many gems in there. I love this quote in particular :

Faith is a state of mind wherein one recognizes and uses the power of positive thought as a medium by which one contacts and draws upon the universal store of Infinite Intelligence at will.
Faith is an action not an idea!


And this one is awesome too :

Q: Where should one begin when making a start at control over self?
A :By mastering the three appetites responsible for most of one’s lack of self-discipline. The three appetites are (1) the desire for food, (2) the desire for expression of sex, (3) the desire to express loosely organized opinions.
This one is such a gem because everything we’re bombarded with daily plays into these base instincts.1: Fast food commercials, food commercials, cooking shows, 2: Porn, sex on tv. 3. This is a big one, one that I see often now with Twitter, and people’s general presumptions made on headlines alone, with no further knowledge of a particular situation, and then getting Twitter fingers or making videos about something,  This is a big one in conversation too; ” Did you hear about such and such? Someone said that they……”
This story gets passed on many times and each time the details are changed little by little. This all started on a flimsy story TO START with.That quote is from the “Self-Discipline” section of the book.


There are terms like “drifters” and “prayer” that are used often. Drifters describes someone with no purpose in life and is easily preoccupied with novelty and leisure activities ( reckless sex, overindulgence in food, reckless media consumption, passivity.)When you read the book you’ll become more familiar with the context of these terms and others. I HIGHLY recommend reading this book, it will change your perspective on a lot of things. Well worthwhile. And you can download it for free.

I’d also like to share one last quote which is the best one of them all. This is from my Twitter:


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