Natal Chart of Kamala Harris


The natal chart of Kamala Harris

This past week Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California announced her candidacy for president of the United States. If the presidential hopeful were to win she would be the first woman president and first president of Indian or Jamaican descent to win the presidency. In trying to understand one’s motivations, me being an astrologer I will run their birth chart to see what I find.


Natal Chart of Kamala Harris 1

Natality and backstory

Senator Harris began her political career in 1990 at the age of 26 as deputy district attorney in Alameda County California. As a Libra Sun, the law is right in their wheelhouse, as I’ve documented on this site a number of times. In addition to that, there is a strong Saturn in Aquarius rx at play here that makes a number of aspects. Most notably is the Mars in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius. This fixed opposition shows a need to live up to standards that the native perceives the father wants. There is a chance she has workaholic tendencies. In fact, she is 54 years old without children and was first married 2 years ago. Which points to career first.

Saturn also trines her Sun and Mercury, careful and calculating, disciplined in temperament and in thought. The moon sextiles Saturn as well which speaks to her late marriage. She plays the long game. I believe since she first went into politics, she has wanted to run for president and was disciplined enough to work her way to this current position.

The fire moon trine fire Mars is another aspect that always grabs my attention. Under the Libra veneer there is an energy and passion (sometimes rage). I’ve pointed out that some of the most obsessive, aggressive athletes have a fire moon trine fire Mars combination. Now we haven’t seen Senator Harris too often publicly. But she was very direct during the Brett Kavernaugh hearings, and a few other times. In a presidential campaign, I suspect we will see the fire come out. Donald Trump also has that trine. So fire would be fighting fire.

Gemini ascendant trine ruler Mercury in the 5th house, along with the Sun. She was born to speak. I think we will see this over time.

Her moon in Aries is opposite Sun and Mercury. There are internal battles she goes, maybe unsure of herself, or second guessing what she says, her beliefs.

It will be interesting to watch the progression of the campaign to watch how all of these elements play out.

What have you noticed about her, and/or her natal chart?


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